AutoFifth Wheel RV vs Class A Motorhome: Which Should You Choose?

Fifth Wheel RV vs Class A Motorhome: Which Should You Choose?

Did you know that 46 million Americans are planing on taking an RV trip in the next 12 months? If you are part of this number and are currently debating between buying a fifth wheel RV or a Class A motorhome, we are here to help you out. We have put together this guide to share the main differences between both. 

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What Is a Fifth Wheel RV?

With a 5th wheel camper you will need either a pickup truck or a heavy-duty truck to tow it. Depending on the weight of the 5th wheel you might have to invest in a dually truck. Older 5th wheels tend to be heavier especially if they are a toy hauler model. 

Although in more recent times certain RV manufacturers have been releasing lightweight 5th wheel campers because people tend to love the higher ceilings that come with these models. Fifth wheels usually have more living space and there are plenty of floor plans to choose from.

They often have multiple levels, separate bedrooms, and slide-outs that can expand the living area when parked. If you are looking for more space and separate living areas, a fifth wheel might be appealing. 

A pro of opting for 5th wheel campers is that thanks to their design they tend to give you more stability. Fifth wheels hook up to the bed of your truck, so this makes them one with the truck, giving them a more balanced weight distribution. You will notice a much smoother towing experience with a 5th wheel rig. 

You can look for a 5th wheel RV for sale here if you are looking for an RV that will detach from your tow vehicle allowing you to have a vehicle for day-to-day use.

Pros of a Fifth Wheel RV

A major pro is that if the RV breaks down you still have a vehicle you can drive around. For anyone considering full time RV living this might be a major pro because you do not have to worry about an engine failure and leaving you homeless temporarily. 

Another pro is that the costs are a lot less upfront especially if you already have a truck to tow the RV with. Class A’s are a lot more expensive because they are a vehicle and RV in one. 

Fifth wheels also have a nice layout because you do not have a driving cabin taking up room. Even smaller ones make great use of their space. The higher ceilings in fifth wheels are a huge bonus especially for taller folks. 

There are some fifth wheels that practically feel like a small apartment on wheels. Many have multiple bathrooms, large kitchens with an island and even an office in newer models. 

The last major pro worth mentioning is that maintenance costs are a lot less. Replacing tires will be a smaller cost because Class A’s require tires that are usually around $300 each. In a fifth wheel usually a tire is only around $100 and sometimes even less (depending on the rating you need for your weight). 

What Is a Class A Motorhome?

Class A motorhomes are the most popular driving RV option. These are the ones that look more like a bus. They are a self-contained unit where you have a living space combined with a vehicle. 

Some people feel that motorhomes are easier to drive because you are not pulling it behind a tow truck. Sometimes you have more comfortable driving cabins and other extras like backup cameras and better quality leveling systems. 

Because the chassis of a Class A is more heavy duty, motorhomes usually have a more luxurious feel thanks to the higher quality features. Motorhomes have a full size kitchen, larger living spaces, and nicer floors. 

Class A Pros

A major pro of a Class A is that you can pick up and go on a whim. It is a lot easier to pack up this type of RV than a 5th wheel. This means that if you don’t like your neighbors and want to move, it is a lot less planning. 

Another pro is that amount of storage available. Although there is plenty of room in a fifth wheel RV there is a lot more room in a Class A. The storage underneath which is also known as the basement is huge, and usually you have multiple basements you can use to store pretty much anything your heart desires. 

While you are driving it is so much easier to have access to your facilities and food. You can easily go to the bathroom or grab a bite to eat while the driver is going down the road. This can be a huge time saver on long cross-country road trips. 

Traveling with pets is also a bit easier because you don’t have to move them from the tow vehicle into the RV every time you move. Even cats have an easier time adapting because they can stay hidden wherever they please while you are driving. 

Ready to Choose Like a Pro?

Now that we broke down the differences between a fifth wheel RV and a Class A, you can make an informed decision. Hopefully, now you are feeling confident when it comes to the fifth wheel vs Class A motorhome debate.

If this blog post helped you out, we have more adventure guides for you. Make sure you continue browsing this section for our latest tips and tricks. 

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