TravelEnjoy Visiting the Choice Wineries in Virginia

Enjoy Visiting the Choice Wineries in Virginia

The state of Virginia has a lot to offer people visiting there on vacation. It is rich in history and boasts natural wonders, great food, and some extraordinary wineries. In 1607 the first wine-growing efforts were documented in Jamestown, Virginia. Today there are at least 300 thriving wineries in the state. It turns out, the weather conditions in parts of Virginia are grape friendly with the Chardonnay grape variety being the most planted of grape vines.

How Do People Pick the Best Wineries to Visit During Their Limited Time in Virginia?

Vacations are for limited times, so it is important to make every adventure count. In Virginia, visitors might want to devote part of their time to visiting some good wineries. But, how does one choose the best wineries? One way is to look at a Virginia winery rating site to see the top 10 in the state. With 300 wineries to choose from, it is not easy to pick the best 10 or so to visit on any one tour. A winery rating site helps visitors narrow down their choices.

Even if there is only time to visit two or three wineries, it is helpful to narrow down the choices to ten. Then a person can choose the number they have time to visit that are close to their location and close to each other. Then, more time can be spent tasting wines than driving long distances. If a person is planning on purchasing wines to take home with them, the budget will be a concern. There is no use in tasting wines that are too expensive for a person’s budget. A better plan is to go to wineries whose wine choices fall within the wine-purchasing budget.

Every winery has its own personality and features. It is a good plan to read all the reviews and choose the wineries that are convenient to get to and also appeal to a person’s personality and needs. If a person or group wants to taste wine and eat wonderful food, then include a winery that has a restaurant on the property. Some wineries are located on more beautiful properties with breathtaking views.

Some wineries will give tours of their wine-making and storage facilities which can be very interesting. Some wineries even give classes on home winemaking. Choose the wineries that offer the best experience for each person.

Giving Wine Making a Try at Home

Some people will go away from a winery tour wanting to try to grow grape vines at home and make some of their own wine. When the right varieties of grapes are grown, they can be used as table grapes or made into wine, juice, jellies, or raisins. Growing grape vines is a little more complicated than growing a vegetable garden but can be very rewarding. It is important to have the soil in the space grapes will be grown tested. Make a study of the weather patterns and yearly rainfall to determine which grape varieties will grow well. There are thousands of grape varieties to choose from.

Some of the Grape-growing processes include:

  • Choosing the right variety of grape vines
  • Choosing the best site considering north or south-facing locations and the date of the last frost in the spring
  • Proper place, time, and technique for planting grape vines
  • The care and maintenance of the grapes for growing success including pruning, trellis system supports, fertilizing, mulching, and weeding
  • Learn insect and disease management without using dangerous chemicals. Birds might also have to be controlled with netting.
  • Harvesting and storing the grapes
  • Using the grapes for wine or other treats

After studying the process of growing one’s own grapes, some people will be excited to start. Others will decide to let someone else do the growing and harvesting and buy their products such as fine wine.

Making the Most of Virginia Wine Tours

Visitors can make the most of wine tours by checking all of the wine rating sites for Virginia wineries and choosing a realistic number to visit in a day or a couple of days. Some of the top-rated Virginia wineries include:

  • The Hunting Creek Vineyards
  • The Ankida Ridge vineyards
  • Or the Silver Hand Meadery
  • The Brent Manor Vineyards
  • How about wine-making classes at the Bacchus Winery?
  • The historic Chatham Farm Vineyards and Winery
  • This winery supports local beekeepers and has unique honey wines. The Black Heath Meadery
  • Get dry French-style wines at the Slater Run Vineyards
  • Get a tasting of small-batch wines with grapes from around the country as well as Virginia at Virginia Beach winery
  • This award-winning winery is open seasonally offering tastings of red wine, rose, and white wine in a warm cozy tasting room. Carriage House Wineworks.

These and many more Virginia wineries are waiting to give visitors a great experience and outstanding wines to take home.

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