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Dolphins, Beaches, and Views: What to See in 3 Days on a Cruise in Tenerife

Located just off the coast of Morocco, Africa, this island in Spain will steal your heart across your 3 day charter Tenerife tour. Tenerife provides a massive variety of awesome things to see, including whale watching, black sand beaches, dramatic landscape views, and lots of comforts for travellers. If you’re planning a yacht charter Tenerife trip, you have made a perfect choice!

A three days yacht charter Tenerife tour provides you with enough time to enjoy everything that Tenerife offers, and there’s at least something for every traveller. If you’re a yacht charter tour lover, you’ll discover that ordering a boat in Tenerife is easy and quick.

And the best part is that you can charter a boat yourself. You don’t need any local company to do that, as there are many sites that allow you to search, compare, select and book the best boats.

What’s more? The boat can be chartered with or without a captain if you own a captain’s licence. You just need to find a reliable and trusted provider. From dolphins and beaches to great views, here are the things to see in 3 days on a cruise in Tenerife.

Dolphins Watching

Whale watching is one of the highest-rated things to see in Tenerife. The entire feeling of seeing these beautiful aquatic animals in the wild is intriguing. Dolphins-watching activity is available in Tenerife 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It is dolphins’ season in Tenerife across the year due to the dolphin colony that settles around the Canary Islands as a result of the nutrient-rich environment and fine water temperature.

Several yacht Tenerife tour companies are specialists in organising boat trips and have an amazing range of registered partners who are more than happy to take travellers to watch and discover more about these unique aquatic animals.

With an experienced yacht charter Tenerife provider and tour company, you can see more than 20 species of dolphin, ranging from Fraser’s Dolphin to Risso’s Dolphin. Apart from dolphins, other amazing aquatic animals that you’ll see in Tenerife are different types of whales, which include True’s Beaked Whales, Pygmy Sperm Whales, Dwarf Sperm Whales and False Killer Whales.

An excellent boat trip provides the best opportunity to see short-finned pilot whales, Spain’s most commonly sighted cetacean. Be sure to book with a boat renting company that has the whale or dolphin watching certification. With this type of certification, it means that the company complies with regulations and rules to safeguard the pilot whales.

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Types of Yacht Charter Tenerife Dolphin Watching Tours

Since there are numerous dolphin-watching tours in Tenerife, only the best boat rental providers and tour companies will provide you with the best options. If you don’t see dolphins, you’ll retake your tour free of charge.

Remember that these aquatic animals live freely, so their movements are fully unpredictable. The best yacht rental and tour operators have years of experience organising these tours, so they fully understand the top spots with the highest chances of seeing these animals.

That said, the most common whale-watching tours are underwater views, luxury yacht views, cheap snorkelling views, and sightings by catamaran.

Black Sand Beaches

It can’t be the best 3-days yacht Tenerife tour without relaxing on one of the black sand beaches. Due to many years of volcanic activity, most natural beaches in Tenerife have black sand.

Golden sand beaches are also available on the island and have a historic origin. These beaches are specifically maintained for tourists, and some of their sand is transported from the Sahara Desert.

Great Mountain Views

The Macizo de Teno Mountains offer the best views of the most beautiful villages in Tenerife. This beautiful village lies 650 metres high and is only accessible by a single winding road with tight hairpin bends.

Known as Masca, the village was believed to be a pirate hideaway, but this fact has never been proven. While the view from Masca is breathtaking, you can easily hike down to the sea on a six-hour round trip and continue with your yacht Tenerife adventure.

Plan a Tour to Tenerife Today

Tenerife should feature on your Spain bucket list as it has many amazing things to see and do, especially when you’re a yacht charter tourist.

From must-visit black sand beaches to different types of dolphin and whale tours, Tenerife has it all. For the best experience, be sure to work with an experienced yacht chartering company.

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