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Brampton Windows and Doors: Exterior Door Installation

Looking to replace your existing Brampton windows and doors? It’s not that hard if you possess some DIY skills. 

This blog shows you how to replace an exterior door. Contact your local doors and windows Brampton company should you prefer professional installation.

How to Install Entry Doors Brampton

Required tools 

These are the tools needed to install entry doors. Contact expert doors and windows Brampton manufacturer if you need assistance.

  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Pry Bar
  • Utility Knife
  • Saw
  1. Measure the opening of the entry door

Before you install the replacement entry doors Brampton, measure the current opening to obtain the exact height, depth, and width of the door. If you do not measure correctly, the Brampton windows and doors will not fit properly. Don’t forget to obtain the size of the jamb width as well, starting from the outside. Finally, obtain the measurement for the door’s rough opening, starting from trim to trim and head to foot. 

  1. Remove the existing entry door

Before installing the new door, remove both the interior and exterior trim of the current door. Use a pry bar by easing it between the casing and the wall. Use a screwdriver to take out the hinge pins, jamb frame, and sill. Lastly, using the pry bar, remove the door frame itself.

  1. Repair any damaged weatherproofing 

Removing existing Brampton windows and doors often damages the weatherproofing. Check for water damage before replacing the flash and fixing the weather stripping on the exterior door. 

  1. Set the sill in place

Using treated lumber, prep the sill using glue and/or screws. Make sure the sill plate is in fact, level using a two-foot level.

  1. Put the door frame in place

Carefully apply a generous bead of caulking before setting the door in place, following the directions supplied by the Brampton windows and doors vendor. Take care that the frame is indeed plum and square in the door opening via a four-foot level. Before nailing in the door frame in place, ensure that the door itself is working.

  1. Insulate the entry door

Insulate the frame using expanding foam between the door jambs and framing material for the door. This will provide insulation but is not enough to fully weatherproof the replacement entry door. 

  1. Install door hardware and casing

Apply both the hardware for the entry door and the interior casing. This includes locks, deadbolts, handles, and so on. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for installing smart locks, safety lights, etc. 

  1. Finish and stain or paint if needed

For exterior doors with a raw finish, seal any exposed edges at the bottom or top of the door. Wait until the caulking, etc., is dry before staining or painting the door if needed. 

Contact your favorite Brampton windows and doors vendor if you do not feel comfortable installing entry doors. Professional door installation saves money in the long run as most companies provide an extended product and service warranty. 

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