EntertainmentDownload Wellington Paranormal Season 4 on CW with BBFly CW Downloader

Download Wellington Paranormal Season 4 on CW with BBFly CW Downloader

In this post, we’ll look at Wellington Paranormal Season 4 and give you thorough instructions on how to watch CW offline and download your favorite CW shows and movies with BBFly CW Downloader. Let’s get reading!

The BBFly CW Downloader may assist you in downloading and watching “Wellington Paranormal Season 4”, CW’s most recent film, offline. You may try downloading different CW videos using BBFly CW Downloader for a speedy and hassle-free download experience.

Wellington Paranormal Season 4


Minogue and O’Leary investigate the tales of the Maori mythical character known as the Kurangaituku, a bird woman who is said to have been robbing people and taking their belongings. The Wellington Paranormal team has enlisted the help of the ornithologist Beverly, who was kidnapped by the bird woman. Beverly has been held captive for some time. In the meantime, Constable Parker lets out the budgerigar that belonged to his uncle as a pet in an effort to analyze the manner in which the bird woman acts. However, the budgie is doomed to perish if it gets its head caught in a fan. The team runs into a Kurangaituku at the Brooklyn Wind Turbine who is trying to get the ornithologist to feed her chicks. O’Leary is successful in defusing the situation when he convinces the bird woman to take up residence at the Zealandia ecosanctuary. Beverly, on the other hand, is eaten by the mother bird and then given to her young as food.

Minogue and O’Leary are conducting an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a teenage girl named Sophie Wilkes. Sophie is a member of the Hornvale religious group, which is situated on Sales Island. In the cult that reveres the Horned God, the matriarch Avalon serves as the leader of the group. While watching an induction film, Minogue is able to relax and enter a hypnotic state. During the course of their investigation, the police officers come to the conclusion that the cult intends to offer its members eternal life in exchange for the lives of unmarried police officers. O’Leary manages to evade capture after Minogue is arrested by disguising himself as a member of the cult. They come to the conclusion that Sophie is not missing and that Avalon fabricated the story that Sophie went missing in order to lure them to this spot. The cult is stopped from sacrificing Minogue to the Horned God by Sergeant Maaka and additional troops after Minogue admits that he is a Virgo rather than a virgin. Minogue was going to be sacrificed to the Horned God.


  • Mike Minogue as Officer Kyle Minogue
  • Karen O’Leary as Officer O’Leary
  • Maaka Pohatu as Sergeant Ruawai Maaka
  • Thomas Sainsbury as Constable Parker

Release Date

16 February 2022

Download Wellington Paranormal Season 4: with BBFly CW Downloader

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