EntertainmentAunt Cass Sees Nephews Browser History

Aunt Cass Sees Nephews Browser History

Aunt Cass checking browser history is a popular and trending meme of tik tok and other social media platforms. The original meme can be traced back to an NSFW POV animation created by Newgrounds user Redmoa; in the video Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 talks about checking the internet history of the viewer. 

It is a short clip that has been edited and compiled multiple times on different platforms to make people giggle. It originally revolves around a story of a nephew and aunt, where the viewer is supposed to be the nephew. 

The aunt sees nephews browser history you re welcome and finds out that his nephew has been watching some of the uncensored content and has been forming wrong notions about it in the real world since the content is curated. After analyzing the internet history, she decides to let him experience the real thing. 

The response of the public to this viral meme made it hugely popular; it garnered millions of views across the globe. The video was initially uploaded in September 2021 and since then has inspired numerous safe-for-work edits (SFW), altering the various aspects of the original material. This meme is quite similar to the Busty Aunt Cass meme, which went viral at the end of 2020.

From where the viral “aunt cass checks your browser history” meme originated

Well talking about the aunt sees nephew’s browser history original, you’re welcome to know from where it originated, and we have to travel back in time to September 26th, 2021. Newgrounds user and content creator Redmoa uploaded an NSFW animation titled “Aunt Cass- Titfuck” in which Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 talks to the viewer in a POV about checking their browsing history original and finding they “have a type” of content that they like the most. 

The next scene cuts to aunt Cass watching a tit fucking video on a monitor screen. After aunt Cass checks your browser history, she is in a state of disbelief and shock. Speaking to the viewer, she offers a solution to the problem from her end and helps him lose interest in those dirty sites by letting him experience the real thing. 

After that aunt removes her top and reminds the user that this thing is going to happen only once. She then proceeds further to tit fuck a faceless character that represents the viewer in an animated sex scene. 

The popularity of the “aunt sees nephews browser history” meme across platforms.

Redmoa also posted it on Twitter, where it was liked more than 48000 times and got more than 8500 retweets. On October 4th, HornyWarrior, a famous YouTuber, posted a SFW version replacing the sex scene with a Cheers Bonk meme to gain over 86600 views within a period of one month. Various other content created modified the video further on youtube, and it inspired a large number of safe-for-work versions on Youtube. 


The trend went on to reach its peak in November when on the 12th of the month, YouTuber Arcade Assassin uploaded a version with a video of 3D dancing Among Us imposter to the monitor screen, which went on to achieve more than 275,000 views within a short duration of three days, just a day after on 13th, Youtuber Flent posted a version of the same content using a Rickroll as a medium of censorship, gaining over 300,000 in less than two days. 

On November 14th, Lessons In Meme Culture, another popular figure on Youtube, uploaded a video on this viral content, explaining the entire details of this meme; his video was also very successful, gaining over 555,000 views in a day. This meme video of aunt cass checking your browser history has been very successful on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well.

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