SEO10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

Every business owner wants their website to perform well to help their business gain potential clients. The website design has a meaningful impact on the choices of buyers. Most of the studies show that buyers take only a few seconds to make a decision. It’s essential to create brand credibility for your website by creating an incredible website design. 

Most of the time, the visitors only browse, and they are not ready to invest. If you want to learn how to convert these visitors into potential customers, you must know about these 10 vital web design tips to drive sales.

Here are the 10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

1. Choose the Colours Strategically

One of the things that are most often overlooked during web design is color. Certain businesses experience a significant change in convergence after changing the color of their call to action button. So, it’s essential to understand your audience to design the website accordingly. The call-to-action button color will be different if you target women and different if you target men. It would help if you focused on purple, green, and blue. In the case of men, it should be green, black and blue.

2. Add Videos to the Website

Adding videos of products will help you to improve sales and conversion on your website. When you post content in video format, then it will surely attract more attention. It is known that videos are more engaging and easier to trust. When you feature the products in the videos, it will surely help you get more conversions.

3. Focus on Ease of Navigation

In some cases, users complain about not finding the right product on a website. It means that you can lose customers if they can’t navigate the website. It is the reason why you should add a search feature and clickable navigation options. Once you provide ease of navigation, then it will make the visitors stay longer. It will help you to get better chances to convert the visitors into customers.

4. Be Clear About your UVP

When you are in a market full of competitors, then you need to be different. It is essential to be aware of your unique value proposition.  The UVP shows customers that you offer them something different. So, ensure that you make your unique value proposition clear on your brand page.

5. Show Off the Trust Symbols

When you get the badges and certification for your website, you must show them to your customers. It helps in generating a good reputation for your business as customers find this trustable. When you give work to a professional web design agency, they will do everything for you. 

6. Offer Freebies

Everyone loves to get free items as it is an extra reward. If you want to convert your visitors into customers, you should start by giving them some freebies. The freebies will get their attention and make them stay longer on the site. By offering free shipping or trials is a great way to start.

7. Keep the Contact Forms Short

No one likes to fill out the long contact forms once you want to finalize the purchase. If you’re going to generate leads that will become customers, you need to keep the contact form short. The details like name, email address, and zip code are enough.

8. Create an Amazing Landing Page

Your business should look professional, and for that, you have to create an impressive landing page. You have to focus on a solid headline, high-quality images, and quality content for the website design. These are some of the things that will help you to improve the chances of getting more sales.

It’s really important to choose the right landing page building platform.
There are plenty of good options out there, including Landingi and GetResponse.

However, If you’re unwilling to compromise on anything but a WordPress website (which is understandable), you’re going to need a platform that’ll enable you to create landing pages without having to code. Elementor is the perfect solution here. Used by more than 6% of all the world’s websites, Elementor boasts a powerful landing page builder. What would have cost you a pretty penny (and would have taken potentially weeks to create) can be achieved pretty much for free when using Elementor.

9. Put Testimonials for Credibility

A testimonial of a customer will help in building up your website’s reputation. It helps in improving the credibility of the visitors. You can offer rewards or coupons to the customers who put up testimonials after a purchase.

10. Create a Responsive Site

It’s essential to have a mobile-friendly website in the present time. It is because of the increase in the gap between mobile and desktop users. So, you need to create a responsive website for both mobile and desktop to improve the sales figure.

Final Words

Some popular web design options are proven for different businesses, but they can change from industry to industry. Companies try to make minor changes every day to the website to improve the user experience.

These changes are minimal, so it does not interfere with the overall structure. Changing the text elements, pictures, button color, or other similar features can show great results. Once you analyze the changes in traffic, then you can understand how it impacts the sales.

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