Tech10 mobile app trends in 2022

10 mobile app trends in 2022

We have been thinking about what areas of mobile application development are hot right now, what trends are waiting for us and what features will be at the top. We are not expecting innovative solutions in the coming year, we should focus on what is already in demand on the market. To understand what you need, you can use the service of mobile development and consulting. They dwell on those trends which are only beginning to appear in the industry, but show their promise.

1. Low-Code and No-Code Development

NCDP and LCDP platforms are gaining popularity due to the growing popularity of the mobile app development industry itself. These solutions make it possible to create new products even for companies with limited resources. No- and low-code technologies are also good for hypothesis testing – whether an idea will or will not make it on the market. The development process is greatly simplified with drag-and-drop tools, flowcharts, and a user-friendly visual interface.

2. Cross-platform applications

We have already written about the advantages of both native and cross-platform development, and about the industries in which both technologies are suitable. Many in the global mobile development industry argue that cross-platform apps will be in trend in 2022, that Flutter is the future of app development. It allows to reach a larger audience of users, optimizes the cost of launching a product, and reduces the time it takes to create it.

3. PWA applications.

Progressive Web Application is a technology that allows the user to install your site as an application. It has a lot of advantages – at least a significant reduction in development and support costs, the application is very small, runs faster than a website and can run offline. PWA works well for brand memorability – if the app stays on the user’s device, they will regularly see an icon with your logo on it.

4. Superapps.

This is a trend that is likely to come to the forefront – multi-purpose services that combine a maximum of features. Traditionally, an app is developed to meet a specific user need: logistics, pastime, communication, education, etc. Nowadays, mega-applications that cover a much wider range of tasks are gaining popularity.

5. 3D graphics in applications

This tool will also not be innovative, it has long been used in many areas of design, here it is rather worth noting that in 2022 three-dimensional graphics will become even more diverse and inclusive. But the trend is prioritizing the functional role of 3D and only then the decorative role.

6. Dark Theme.

After the appearance of dark Instagram, and following it a number of other applications in the development began to pay separate attention to this, and now the dark mode gained even the operating systems themselves. Some people just like this theme better, some people find it less stressful for their eyes, some people find it convenient to “switch to the dark side” when using a smartphone in a dark space, and more and more developers are implementing this mode in their products – it’s almost a must-have element in 2022.

7. Voice Control

In a world where people are faced with having to do several things at once, voice commands are becoming indispensable, so more and more apps are giving the user this capability. Integration is possible with the voice assistant of the operating system itself or with Google voice search, for example.

8. Gestures and swipes

And this is the tool that differentiates a mobile device from a personal computer, on which it is simply not available. Daily scrolling, swiping through pages is already a habit, and the fewer extra actions that need to be performed – the more the user likes it.

9. Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics technologies are used by leading companies in their apps. For example, Netflix recommends movies and TV series based on user data. And in the future, predictive analytics will make a difference in mobile apps. First, to optimize the development process. Second, to improve the user experience.

10. IoT-oriented mobile apps

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just an obscure trend from the future, but already our reality. Smartphones, laptops, wearable devices, smart appliances, gadgets within the smart home – all of this makes the Internet of Things near and familiar to everyone. Leading companies are developing new devices to incorporate into everyday life, so mobile apps that help keep these things connected will also become very popular. That’s what Net Solutions thinks.

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