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14+ Unique Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Winter is an amazing season, especially for festivals. Well, winter birthdays can be challenging for some people. Even though the season is quite enjoyable for everyone, the weather isn’t favorable everywhere. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t implement a new idea to celebrate something. If your beloved child has a winter birthday, you can do something unique to make them feel special. 

Running out of ideas? Well, after doing some research, we found some outstanding winter birthday party ideas. Keep reading the article and discover the best one. Let’s get started.

Top Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Sure, there are tons of ideas. But when it comes to surprising your kids, you need to adopt something extraordinary. Well, you can still pick something simple. In the following list, we will share the top winter birthday party ideas for kids. Let’s find out:

winter birthday party ideas for kids

1. Ice Skating

When you are looking for a classic winter birthday party idea, ice skating is the best one. In that case, you can choose a cozy venue or embrace frosty weather. In fact, it will also improve your family bonding. Plus, take hot cocoa and pizza along with the birthday cake to make this day more special.

winter birthday party ideas for 3 year olds

2. Snow Castle Party

Sure, summer birthdays are popular for summer castles. However, you can still make your kid’s winter birthday remarkable with a snow castle. On the other hand, it’s a great idea to get your kids outdoors. Get a plastic tub and build an igloo or snow castle with your children. Don’t forget to serve hot chocolate.

3. Snowman Sleepover

Are you looking for something unique yet classic? You can go for a penguin and snowman slumber theme. The best part is to ask all guests to dress like snowmen or penguins to attend the party. Plus, you can add some games to add more entertainment. For example, hide winter items outside and ask your guests to find them.

Hot Chocolate Party

4. Hot Chocolate Party

It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t love chocolate. And if you are looking for a perfect winter birthday party theme, you can try out hot chocolate. In this case, you have to keep the decoration bright. Ask your kids and their friends to do something creative to make the party more interesting. 

5. Winter Movie Slumber Party

A slumber party is a classic theme for winter days. Well, if you want to add more flavor, you can go for a winter movie slumber party. Make the party more attractive by adding twinkly lights, sparkling snow, and more. Add movie goodies like candy boxes, popcorn, and more. Plus, add some fluffy pillows to give a cozy vibe.

Christmas Craft Party

6. Christmas Craft Party

Another good thing about winter is Christmas, one of the biggest festivals. If the birthday comes before the festive time, you can do something special by adopting a Christmas craft theme party. Awaken your kid’s creative side with this amazing party. From the decoration to the food, add more creativity to surprise your guests.

7. Snowflake Ball

Does your kid want a glamorous birthday party theme? Then, you can try out snowflake ball. Yes, this one can be the ideal theme for older kids and even adults. Invite everyone and they can enjoy a fun night full of dancing. Get snowflake garland and decorate the space to make the party more attractive.

8. Laser Tag

If you want to try something new for your kids, laser tag is the best one. Yes, take your kids to a local laser tag arena and have an amazing night with them. Hence, this is the best idea if you want a minimal theme. All you have to do is drive your kid to the place. 

Ski Trip Party

9. Ski Trip Party

Looking for an alternative to ice skating, a ski trip can be your kid’s winter birthday. Plus, this trip can be perfect if you want to spend time with your family only. Ski rentals and lift tickets can be pretty costly during the winter months. So, you need to check the budget beforehand. 

10. Indoor Playground

Kids love playing various games. If it’s too cold outside, you can arrange a birthday party with an indoor playground. Plus, it can be the perfect theme for young kids. Choose a kid-friendly indoor venue that has different entertainment options. They also provide the birthday cake along with the food and drinks.

11. Make Your Own Pizza Party

It’s hard to imagine a birthday party without pizza. So, what if you choose pizza as the birthday theme of your kid? Yes, it’s simple yet unique and perfect for older kids. Let your kid make their own pizza. Plus, invite friends and ask them to join this hands-on activity. 

Ice Cream Parlor

12. Ice Cream Parlor

Just like pizza, ice cream is a go-to birthday item for everyone. Choosing an ice cream parlor theme is a bit off-topic. However, it can be an interesting party for your beloved kid. Either choose a venue that features an ice cream parlor or add an ice cream set up at home.

13. Science Center Trip

Make your kid’s winter birthday a memorable one with a short science center trip. If you have young kids, this educational trip can help them learn a lot of things. In fact, you can invite a small group of friends to celebrate this day.

10th birthday party ideas for girl in winter

14. Pottery Painting Party

This is one of the most unique winter birthday party ideas on this list. By throwing a pottery painting party, you can awaken your child’s creative soul. Decorate the birthday party with artistic items. If you want to try something new, do some research online to get new ideas.

15. Game Night

Last but not least, game night can be perfect for older adults. When your kids are obsessed with playing games, you can surprise them with this special theme. Well, in that case, you can either make a gaming setup and invite friends or spend the whole day playing video games with your kid. The choice is yours.

Wrapping Up 

You see, you can implement some awesome ideas to throw a birthday party for your beloved children. In fact, you can add some unique activities to make it more enjoyable. If you need more help, do some internet research or contact an expert. 


Q: How do you plan a unique birthday party?

There are various ways to make a unique birthday party including booking an ideal venue, choosing the best entertainment, and choosing the best food.

Q: How do you throw a birthday party in the winter?

You can choose a unique birthday party in the winter such as ice skating, an indoor playground, a ski trip, or visiting an arcade.

Q: What are the best birthday party ideas for kids?

Include some entertainment to make a kid’s birthday party more interesting. You can also add some games such as hot potato, three-legged race, freeze dance, and musical chairs.

Q: How can I celebrate my child’s birthday at home?

Choose a unique theme for your child’s house party and add some interesting activities, do some colorful decorations, cook some delicious meals and more.

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