OutdoorWhy Portable Restrooms are a Sensible Choice for Outdoor Weddings

Why Portable Restrooms are a Sensible Choice for Outdoor Weddings

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The first portable restroom (aka porta-potties) was the polyethylene portable restroom, patented by George Harding. By the 1970s, improvements had been made to the original prototype, bringing it further into the public eye.

Presently, the Portable Sanitation Association Industry (PSAI) estimates that there are a whopping 3.6 million portable restrooms in use globally, with more people adopting these portable restrooms for construction work, personal use, and outdoor events, especially weddings.

Portable toilets give visitors with crucial convenience and privacy, and Viking Rental provides top-notch portable toilets for wedding events, providing guests with the ultimate convenience and comfort with their high-quality bathroom trailer.

These portable restrooms come in different forms, from standard portable restrooms used at construction sites to portable restroom trailers for outdoor weddings, which provide more luxury and comfort for your guests.

Here are a few reasons why portable restrooms are a smart choice for outdoor weddings and why they're becoming increasingly popular:

Convenience and proximity

The closest restroom to the wedding venue might be a mile away. Or it might be a truck stop left in a highly unsanitary condition. Whatever the case may be, a portable restroom at your outdoor wedding provides your guests with a close facility to relieve themselves when they need to, without much hassle.

Freedom to pick locations

Portable restrooms make picking great locations for your outdoor wedding much easier. While portable restrooms are an option, you can choose a beach, field, ranch, clearing in the woods, or some other random location with sentimental meaning to you and your spouse, and you wouldn't have to worry about how these locations would affect the bathroom needs of your guests.

Hygiene and maintenance

The rental companies that provide these portable restroom services usually make sure that these porta-potties are thoroughly sanitized after every event; hence, they are very clean on delivery for your event. They also come fully equipped with sanitizers, wipes, and sinks (in luxury restrooms), so your guests don't lack whatever they need for a comfortable restroom experience.

Also, since it's just for you and your guests, they are easier to maintain than the standard traditional toilet at a motel or one used by some others. Portable restrooms are also very durable, which reduces the risk of property damage by some guests who've had too much to drink.

Elegance and customization

Elegance is a strong reason why portable restrooms are a reasonable choice for an outdoor wedding. It offers a simple, minimalist appearance, takes up less space, and serves exactly the purpose it was intended for. The more luxurious rentals offer even more in terms of quality, with beautiful interiors and other fancy specifications that would totally impress the guests and ensure an overall quality experience.

The stalls can also be fitted and customized to whatever needs the couple may have, and due to the portability of these restrooms, they can be dismantled, moved, and reassembled if the need to change locations arises.

Cost efficient

Portable restrooms are a cost-efficient option compared to renting a hotel or having to book a nearby traditional restroom. It also provides more in the way of comfort, convenience, and ease of use when compared to these other options. If you're looking for a way to cut down on the budget for your wedding without having to sacrifice a wonderful experience in terms of venue and bathroom comfort, then portable restrooms are the way to go.

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