LifestyleHere’s Why Older Adults Love Calling Kingston Ontario Home

Here’s Why Older Adults Love Calling Kingston Ontario Home

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When people reach the age of retirement and beyond, they usually begin to look for different things in life. They want to spend lots of slow time with the people who matter most, relax, and pursue their hobbies and passions with all their available time.

Kingston, Ontario, has always been a wonderful place for older adults, and the city has sought to become even better in recent years. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why.

Listening to Seniors

In 2011, Kingston’s city council made a commitment to residents to become a World Health Organization “Age-friendly” city. In the years since, the city embarked on a multi-phase plan focusing on municipal programs, services, and facilities to guarantee that the city worked properly for older adults.

The scope was continued and expanded in 2015. Today, the work is still ongoing and can be broken down into four themes in response to community inputs. Among them, older adults stated that they want to be involved with the Kingston community, want to stay in touch with what’s happening, and want respect.

The city has implemented various services residents can easily avail of 24/7, along with recreational opportunities, including Kingston’s 200+ parks. 

Living Communities Are Excellent

The leading retirement homes in Kingston offer residents a cut above the usual fare. Comfort and health are everything, as it’s easy to control the temperature in each suite, and staff are there to provide vital services. 

Residents enjoy group activities that foster togetherness and a sense of connection and purpose, including friendly game nights that get a little competitive. Supports ensure residents can age in place in a warm, friendly environment. 

Professional cooks prepare delicious and nutritious meals while a dedicated staff looks after daily chores so older adults can focus on their own interests and passions. Older adults shouldn’t settle for moving to just any living centre when such high-quality options are available. 

Getting Around is Easy

Nobody likes to feel cut off or isolated from the world around them. Kingston is a bustling city, but the urban landscape and trails are easy to reach and pleasant to walk through. The city website offers trip planners to make commutes easy to understand.

In addition to accessible public transit, it’s easy to make extra accommodations for alternate forms of transportation with a specialized Kinston service for eligible people with physical mobility challenges or through city taxis. 

People feel more connected to where they live when they can get around easily and talk to people, see the sights, and even smell the smells! Getting to medical appointments, visits with friends, shopping trips, or just a fun adventure is easy when you live in Kingston. 

Kingston is a vibrant and exciting place for people of all ages, and one that’s still evolving. The mission it took on years ago to be extra warm and welcoming for older adults has already borne fruit. No wonder older adults love living there so much. 

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