AutoWhy M1 iPhone 13 Specifications Are Best

Why M1 iPhone 13 Specifications Are Best

When you are about to buy a new iPhone, there are many things to consider like the cost of the phone, availability in the market, and also the specification that apple has shipped out with the phone. If you are not buying an iPhone because it’s too costly then don’t worry as now there are other alternate options available in the market which have almost a similar specification as that of an iPhone. Below given are a few points about the M1 iPhone 13 specifications and other things that you should consider before buying an iPhone.

Apple has recently launched its latest version of the phone in the market; iPhone 13 which is also known as the M1 iPhone. This edition of the iPhone has a lot of new features which have brought it to par with other leading Android phones. Some of the key points that make this phone the best in the market are as follows:

Improve Battery Life

Apple has always been known for its well-built phones and one of the key features of an iPhone has always been the battery life. Even after putting in a bigger and better screen and some advanced features, Apple had improved the battery life to give a better backup on daily use. You can easily get around 3 hours of continuous use and 240 hours of standby time on this phone, which is more than enough for a day’s usage.

Smaller Size

Apple has always had small-sized phones with lesser bezels and similar was the case with iPhone 13 M1. The phone is very sleek and has lesser bezels thereby making the phone small, compact, and easy to carry around. This makes it one of the best phones in its category if not the best.

Improved Camera

Apple has always been known for its camera quality and the same was expected from this model as well but Apple has improved the camera in many ways. The phone has an incredible dual 12 MP rear camera with retina flash and offers 4x optical zoom. This means you don’t stand a chance of missing out on any image or video just because it was too far away from you when you took it.

Additionally, the front-facing camera is also better than the previous version of the iPhone and has 8 MP for better selfies. The phone also supports 4K videos at 60fps with SLO-MO at 240fps which is again another great feature that makes it one of the best phones in its category.

Different Colors

Now you don’t have to stick to just one color, there are many options available for you to choose from different colors, starting from Silver, Space Gray, and Gold. Apart from these, there are many other options available to choose the color of your choice.

Latest iOS

The phone runs on the latest iOS 13 which is one of the most popular operating systems available in the market now with great features like easy connectivity across all devices and a great user interface.

Sound Quality

Another important factor that has been considered by iPhone is the sound quality of the phone and so to make it better than ever, Apple’s M1 iPhone 13 comes with stereo speakers and also includes a 3-mic array for enhanced clarity. This means you will be able to enjoy watching movies or playing games with great sound clarity.


As far as the specification and other factors are concerned, M1 iPhone 13 has all the qualities and features which make it one of the best phones available in the market today. The phone is compact, sleek, and stylish with great sound quality and camera quality. Additionally, it also has great storage capacity.

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