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Why Is Link Anchor Text Important for SEO and How to Use It?

Link Anchor Text has become an integral component of modern-day SEO techniques, and rightfully so. With links to other websites, data, and further explanation of the surrounding area, it provides a better context for the overall statement and asserts authenticity.

Why Are Anchor Texts Important?

Search engines use anchor texts and the number of backlinks to optimize a website and determine its rank among the search results: the more anchor texts, the merrier. The clickable hyperlinks contribute directly to the overall context of the web page and help it rise among the search results.

So, if you want your website to feel authentic, get ranked, and be shown on the first page of search results, you will have to learn the optimal way to insert relevant backlinks in your content. These can help liven up your website, add some authenticity to your content, and help you rank higher among search results.

What Are the Various Useful Types of Anchor Texts?

Remember when we said, “the more anchor texts, the merrier”? Let’s rephrase that. You should give the amount of anchor text equal importance in terms of usage. You cannot overuse or underuse hyperlinks. Before diving into the discussion of the perfect anchor text ratio for the page, we have to fully understand the different types of Anchor texts. Let’s take a look:

Exact Match Anchors

Also known as Brand Name Anchor Text, these search queries explicitly use the exact brand name for searching. No additional words or phrases are involved, and these queries try to match the anchor texts with the exact brand name. For example, if the client were to search for a company called “Space Z Technology,” the client would input the search query “Space Z Technology” into the search engine without additional context.

Partial Match Anchors

Instead of a direct search method, the client may also search for phrases that only partially match the brand name. For example, the client may use the search engine to look for phrases, such as “Where is Space Z Technology located?” etc. You are good to go if you have phrase-based anchor texts in your content.

Naked Anchors

Naked Anchors are quite popular and widely used by audiences to search for your business or webpage. Different variations of your web link or website are used as search queries, and these anchor texts help you rise up in the search results quickly and easily.

Keyword Anchor Text

Hundreds of different keywords will pop up on online keyword suggestion tools for your content. It is on your shoulders to decide the best ratio for their usage and the number of backlinks to your web page.

How to Use Anchor Texts Optimally?

Now, we can finally begin to discuss the best methods to use the anchor texts for our benefit. SEO is among the most important tools in a marketer’s arsenal, and it is most effective if you know how to use it.

Anchor Text Ratio

Getting penalized for overusing the anchor texts or losing potential audiences due to the under-utilization of anchor texts can keep you up at night. Before publishing your webpage, determine the apropos ratio for using the anchor texts.

For most SEOs, the perfect ratio for using hyperlinks is somewhere between 2% to 5%. Anything more than that will feel unnatural, stuffed, and forced. However, the optimization rules are different for different pages, such as home pages, contact us, services and etc. You can learn more about SEO techniques at

Anchor Text Diversity

Why settle for one type of anchor text when you have a whole spectrum of different variations of using anchor texts. Try mixing exact match and partial match anchor texts instead of stuffing raw naked links into the content. This will not only allow you to introduce more backlinks, but it will also feel more natural and diverse. Moreover, diversity is viewed as a crucial element by Google. So, the different variations of anchor texts and links will only help you rank higher than your competitors.

Go Local

A recent SEO-related study showed that more than 95% of consumers search for localized SEO phrases and prefer local businesses more than global ones. This SEO-related goes to show the importance of using location-oriented keywords and anchor texts in your content.

As a small businessman, capitalize on the benefits of local SEO and use location and brand name as a keyword for promotion in localized search results. You can add the name of your city, town, state, or region in the name and further narrow down your backlinking techniques to rank higher in local searches. This will help you stay competitive in SERPs.

Use Proper Call-to-Actions

Keywords and anchor texts make more sense when used in a call-to-action item in the content. Entice the audience into liking your business and give them the option to click on a link to contact you or leave a message behind. Instead of the customer having to find your contact information, use anchor texts to highlight and provide access to important information at their fingertips.

Stay Fresh

Make sure that your anchor texts link to web pages that are alive and available to all the regions. The best way to increase your traffic with anchor texts is to keep them fresh. Regularly check the authenticity of your links and update them if any of your links have expired.

What Is the Crux Here?

If you wish to maximize your website’s productivity, learn to mimic and understand the anchor text distribution of other websites before optimizing your own. In our era, the relationship between SEO and anchor text holds a high correlation and contributes to the success of a website.

You can take your website SEO to the next level with the right anchor texts and backlinks. It is crucial to fully understand how to use anchor texts for the most productive outcome. Learn before you apply. Research as much as you can. Generate fresh links using link-building websites, and your website will flourish.

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