SocialWhy is Instagram not Posting to Facebook?

Why is Instagram not Posting to Facebook?

There is no second opinion about the fact that everybody looks for convenience in their daily life choices, and this is exactly what Instagram, which was bought by Facebook, is also trying to do, by making our social life easier by introducing helpful features. To make sure that the users get the best out for their Instagram followers.  They added a feature that enables its users to cross-post their Instagram stories to Facebook. In theory, this might look like something out of the ordinary, but in reality, the feature sometimes is sluggish, which many times leaves the user annoyed.

There is no denying the fact that this feature makes life easy for people who work regularly on Facebook and Instagram and have to manage it alongside. But many times the same feature may malfunction. Sometimes when you try to upload a picture or video and then click Share, you may notice that your Facebook profile or the page doesn’t import any new picture/video from Instagram. This glitch is annoying in itself because once this happens, not only do you lose time, also you have to post manually on Facebook just to upload the same content.

But, one has to realize that there may be several reasons for this to happen. Some of which are

  • The app might not be properly linked with Facebook
  • There is a possibility that you may have accidentally disabled the sharing feature on Instagram.
  • It may also occur due to undesirable circumstances such as Facebook servers may be down temporarily when you post
  • Another possibility is that your Facebook account may be temporarily banned or restricted for various reasons, which may be the reason the app is preventing you from cross-posting.
  • This may also happen due to unknown bug/s

The point being, there may be many reasons for the glitch to occur. But this is nothing to worry about. There are many ways you may resolve this.

  • Logout from both apps:

If you are unable to cross-post from Instagram to Facebook, then to fix the glitch you must try logging out of both Facebook and Instagram, and then log in to your Instagram and Facebook account. Also, do Make sure that your Facebook account has been linked to your Instagram, and then try posting it again. To log out of your Facebook, open your Facebook app and simply click on the hamburger button at the top, at the right side of the notification icon. From here, simply scroll down and simply click on the logout button. Similarly, to log out of Instagram, simply go to your profile and click the hamburger button and then proceed to tap Settings. From here on, simply click the logout button.

  • Try changing your Facebook password:

While this may trouble you, because changing passwords sometimes may not be the ideal solution, but it works sometimes. To change your Facebook password, simply open your Facebook app. Click on Settings. And then click on security and log in. From here on,  click on change password. Further, enter your current password, new password, and then retype the new password. Once you are done, click on save changes.

  • If the problem persists, try changing your Instagram password.

While this may be getting a little annoying for you, given that you have already exhausted too many options, none of them have worked so far, but changing the Instagram password may work. To change the password, simply go to your profile and then click on the hamburger button. From here on, click on Settings, and then proceed to security and then click on password. From here on, type your current password, new password, and then retype your new password.

  • If still nothing works, just make sure that the apps are properly linked.

For this purpose, check your Instagram settings, and proceed to click on linked accounts. From here on, click on the Facebook button and enter the required details. Once you do this, simply click on Start sharing to Facebook.

Do double-check and make sure that you’ve set everything in order here. Choose either you want to post to your Facebook profile or your Facebook page. Also, do make sure that you’ve turned on “Share Your Story to Facebook” and “Share Your Post to Facebook”

  • If the problem persists, then you may try unlinking Instagram from Facebook, and then linking it again with Facebook. Now, this may appear as too much of an effort, but this method has often been found useful in this regard.

If you carefully follow the above-mentioned tips and techniques it will help you to build following on Facebook, then by the end of it, you may successfully be able to fix your problem once and for all.

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