Health and FitnessWhy Do HealthCare Explainer Videos Matter in 2022?

Why Do HealthCare Explainer Videos Matter in 2022?

Animated videos are created from cartoons and graphics stitched together to tell a video story.  They are very popular because they are easy for companies to produce.  Customers also speak well of them.  Have you ever heard of animated videos for commercial purposes?

Today, animation is one of the types of videos most commonly used by companies in their video marketing strategies.  These videos are gaining popularity every day.  Consumers show more interest in videos than in written materials.  For example, on average, Americans spend more than 39 hours a week watching videos online.  Thus, companies can reach more consumers with animated commercials.

Animated videos for companies

As video marketing strategies evolve, companies are turning to video to diversify the way they communicate and reach their customers.  Instead of reading an article or an advertisement for your company, most people will enjoy watching an explainer video about your product or even a corporate video about your business.

But you might be wondering: is it appropriate to use animated videos for such purposes (business video marketing)?  When we talk about animated videos, the natural association is videos for kids like movies and cartoons.  But now we can talk about animated commercials!

Animated commercial videos offer a number of business benefits.  Successful companies use this type of advertising for a variety of reasons.  For example, you can create a custom company logo video for social media or your company website.  If you have a medical center, you can order healthcare explainer videos by Explain Ninja and enjoy many benefits.

Main advantage

Low production cost

This is one of the main advantages of animated videos.  Its low cost is due to the use of simpler technologies in production.  No film crew or highly professional equipment required.  Actors will also not be needed, as all content will be animated.  You just need a video creation software or even a company that specializes in commercial animation.  Improve your video content marketing campaigns and cut costs with animation.

Unlike videos with real people and scenarios, where the imagination is limited, the experience of making an animated video is much more interesting, your imagination can run wild.  Your production will not be limited by physical location.  You can also use unimaginable places and create magical stories.  With content like this, people will be more interested in what you have to say.  Because you will offer them to get out of the routine and dream about your company.

With the help of animated videos, complex and naturally difficult topics for human understanding can be explained.  Explanatory images make it easier to present data, infographics, and more complex topics.  Lectures and graphic presentations are 43% more effective when you need to get people interested in a topic.  And the same logic can be applied to animated videos.  People naturally have a clearer and broader understanding of a given topic when they can see the explanation.  It is a tool provided by animated videos.  Create infographics and convey other ideas effectively with animation.

In addition, companies always consider costs when applying a new strategy.  At the moment, animated videos come to the fore!  Animation production is cheaper.  Live action videos require expensive actors, locations, cameras, equipment, and other resources.  Instead, the animation is created by a trained person with a laptop and the right software.  Of course, the lower cost provides a better return on investment than other video types.

That is, by investing in animated videos, your business will get faster returns without having to make huge investments right away.  You can effectively communicate ideas and products to your company while keeping costs low.  Plus, animated videos give you endless possibilities for creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.  With more features and lower costs, your business can make huge profits from these videos.

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