LifestyleWhy Are Oil Perfumes from the UAE so Good?

Why Are Oil Perfumes from the UAE so Good?

The trend for environmental friendliness and naturalness revives the fashion for oil aromas. Let us discover the advantages and differences of an oil perfume from an ordinary one, how to apply them, and which perfumes you should start acquaintance with. 

The Concept of Oil Perfumes

The perfume oil is not a new tool. These are long-known fragrances that take their roots from the Ancient East, which is why they are also called oriental or Arabic perfumes. It is believed that their history began with incense, which was burned to the gods during rituals in temples. Only then ancient women began to use them. 

The oil perfume is based on aromatic oils of natural origin: roses, jasmine, almonds, myrtle, bergamot, etc. However, alcohol and water are absent in it. Even the emulsifier is natural. As a rule, it is jojoba oil. 

However, there are perfumes with synthetic oils. To choose a really worthy option, focus on the price per bottle: natural oils are not cheap. Look for the best options here:

Advantages of Oil Perfumes

Oil perfumes are mostly chosen by those who appreciate everything natural and want to emphasize the individuality of style. Here are some fair arguments in their favor:

  • Oil-based perfumes are more concentrated, which makes them last longer. When applied to the surface of the skin, a very thin oil film is formed, which (unlike alcohol) does not allow the aroma to evaporate. 
  • The base in the form of essential oils helps odorous substances to penetrate deeper into the skin so that such a perfume does not dry or irritate the skin, but, on the contrary, moisturizes and soothes it. For those with sensitive skin, this can be especially important.
  • Oil perfumes do not intensively change the smell during the day. They do not open up like ordinary or niche perfumes but are distinguished by the constancy of the smell, for which many appreciate them. 
  • They are fully revealed only during movement. At rest, it is a light, subdued, unobtrusive fragrance that will not irritate, for example, office colleagues or fellow travelers on the subway.
  • This perfume is perfect for traveling. As a rule, they are available in min versions, so they are always convenient to take with you. Another plus is the roll-on stick format, which ensures ease of application even on the go. 

How to Use Oil Perfume Correctly 

Unlike spray perfumes that we are accustomed to spraying on the body, hair, and clothes, oil perfumes require special handling. Here are some important rules:

  1. Apply perfume only on clean skin, preferably after taking a shower. This way, the fragrance will not mix with the odors of your skin, and the perfume will smell familiar and pleasant. 
  2. Apply perfume to the areas of the body with veins because they are the warmest places. This will allow the perfume to exude a stronger scent. Such places include the neck, temples, shoulders, wrist, and elbows. 
  3. Use a moderate amount of perfume as it is highly concentrated.

Do not hesitate to try this option and find your favorite aroma.

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