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Meet New Day USA Spokeswoman: Who is The New Spokesperson of New Day USA

New Day is a reputed American VA mortgage company that provides refinancing and home loans. Besides offering the best services to American citizens, New Day USA is quite popular for TV commercials. 

Not only the catchy ad campaigns, but the New Day USA spokeswoman also make it more attractive. Let’s find out who is the new spokesperson for New Day USA. Keep reading to explore more about this popular company’s ad commercial models.

About New Day USA

As noted before, New Day USA is a reputed financial company that has been working with veterans to offer refinancing options and guaranteed home loans. It was reported that New Day USA has been working for over 20 years in 43 states. 

Who is The New Blonde New Day USA Girl?

new day usa girl

New Day USA’s blonde girl’s name is Tatiana Zappardino. Besides this company, she worked for over 75 ad campaigns on American television. However, she was replaced by Juliana Folk recently. The reason is unknown but the audience took the change positively and it helped Folk get new fans.

Meet Tatiana Zappardino: NewDay USA Spokeswoman

Tatiana Zappardino was born in San Diego, U.S. There’s not much information about her family background but she attended Jacksonville University and got her BFA in Theater Arts. Later, she also attended Kent State University and earned an M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications. 

Zappardino joined NewDay USA in 2019 and she worked for the company until 2022. Besides New Day, she also worked for several TV commercials. However, her career wasn’t that smooth at first. She worked as a waitress in restaurants before pursuing an acting and modeling career.

In fact, Zappardino also moved her career to marine. Her stepfather was a marine and that helped her get a marine officer scholarship. As per her interview, the Marine taught her a lot of things.

Interesting Facts About Tatiana Zappardino

new day usa spokesperson

Even though Tatianna Zappardino isn’t a part of New Day, she became famous as the blonde spokeswoman. That’s why most people want to discover new things about her. Let’s find out some interesting facts about Tatiana:

  • Besides New Day, Zappardino worked for 75 TV ad campaigns in the USA.
  • It was reported that Tatiana’s commercials have had 38,221 airings.
  • Apart from TV commercials, Tatiana is working on a series called Tulsa King.
  • Zappardino worked as a waitress in restaurants during her early days.
  • Besides doing TV commercials, Tatiana worked as a casting director, producer, writer, and editor.
  • Zappardino worked in several TV series such as Swiped and Superstition.

Tatiana Zappardino Net Worth & Social Media

It was reported that Tatiana Zappardino’s estimated net worth is between $1 to $5 million. Besides TV commercials, she has multiple sources of income such as brand collaboration, movies, series, and more.

Tatiana Zappardino is available on various social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. Her official Instagram handle is @tzappar and she has over 19.9k followers. On the other hand, Zappardino’s official Twitter handle is @TZappardino and she has around 1,450 followers.

Meet New New Day Spokeswoman Juliana Folk

who is the new blonde spokesperson for newday usa

Juliana Folk is the new New Day USA girl who replaced Tatiana Zappardino in 2023. It was reported that Juliana was born in Southern California. Her father Jimi Vincenzo Bertucci was the lead singer of a Canadian band named Abrahams Children. 

On the other hand, her uncle Gary Graham is a well-known actor. She developed an interest in art and entertainment. As a result, Folk pursued a career in modeling and acting. She worked in several movies and television series such as NCIS: Los Angeles, The Last Ship, The Rookie, etc.

Interesting Facts About Juliana Folk

newday usa spokesperson

Sure, Tatiana Zappardino was the most popular face for New Day USA. However, she’s been replaced by yet another famous face. As noted before, the new New Day USA commercial actress is Juliana Folk. If you haven’t heard about her before, let’s explore some interesting facts below:

  • Juliana Folk is a native girl of California as she was born in Southern California.
  • She developed an interest in acting because of her family. Juliana’s uncle Gary Graham is a well-known actor while her grandmother and aunt are singers.
  • Besides TV commercials, Folk appeared in several movies including NCIS: Hawai, Massive, The Cost of Colour, Reception, Under a Black Cloud, etc.
  • Juliana is a new face for New Day USA spokeswoman as she replaced Tatiana Zappardino in 2023. Juliana got more fans after joining this TV commercial.
  • Folk is married to Jeremy Folk for over six years. However, she prefers keeping her relationship private.
  • Juliana appeared in over 20 New Day USA commercials since joining the company. Besides that, she also talks with real clients.


Tatiana Zappardino became very popular becoming a NewDay USA spokesperson. However, she was replaced by another well-known actress, Juliana Folk in 2023. Since Folk joined New Day, she gained a lot of fans.


Q: Who is the new NewDay USA girl?

Juliana Folk is the new NewDay USA girl. She’s a popular American actress who worked in several movies and TV series.

Q: Is Juliana Folk still a New Day USA model?

Yes, Juliana Folk is still a New Day USA model. She joined the TV commercial in 2023 replacing Tatiana Zappardino.

Q: Is Tatiana Zappardino available on social media?

Yes, Tatiana Zappardino is available on various social networking platforms. Her official Instagram handle is @tzappar and you can follow her on Twitter at @TZappardino.

Q: Who replaced Tatiana on New Day USA?

Juliana Folk, a well-known American actress, replaced Tatiana in the New Day USA TV commercial. Her fanbase expanded after joining New Day.

Q: Is Tatiana Zappardino still a New Day USA Spokeswoman?

No, Tatiana Zappardino isn’t working as a NewDay USA spokeswoman. She was replaced by another popular actress named Juliana Folk in 2023.

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