GadgetWhich Mic is Best for Rapping? | The Ultimate Guide

Which Mic is Best for Rapping? | The Ultimate Guide

The best microphone for rapping is the ones not necessarily the ones that cost the most. There are different microphone types and each one possesses different characteristics. This post should cover everything you need to know about microphones for rapping.

Because there are tons of microphone brands and types so it’s a bit difficult to select a microphone. But in this post, we’ll explain all the types of microphones and brands + what you should consider picking up a good microphone for rapping.

First, we’re going to discuss the microphone types. And we’ll decide which type of mic is absolutely best for rappers. Then we’ll move to the microphone brands and figure out the best brand you can choose for rapping, So, It’s going to be very interesting.

But here is a compiled list of the best microphones for rapping, in this guide, we’ve fully focused on some of the top picks for rappers. So, if you don’t want to get into these Brands and microphone types, you can check out the list straight away.

Which type of microphone is best for rapping?

As I mentioned, there are a lot of microphone types out there. But you have to go for a reliable microphone type that helps you record better raps. Let’s discuss quickly what these types are, and how they work. So, we can decide which microphone type is better for rapping.

Dynamic Microphones

If I explain this mic type, the dynamic mic is a depth recording microphone. And you should be closer to the microphone while recording. Because it picks up audio closer to the microphone and rejects all the audio that is coming from outside.

So dynamic mic is nice if you’re recording in a bit buzzy and noisy situation. Rappers usually record hand-held and keep the mic closer to the mouth, so a dynamic mic is ideal for rapping.

Dynamic mics are critical to have in any recording studio because they offer a sort of workhorse quality that’s hard to find in other types of mics. With their ability to handle loud sources with so much ease, these mics are often the main choice for a lot of professionals like if you were recording someone making a screaming vocal performance or a loud band playing their instruments live next to the speakers.

Dynamic microphones are cheap as well as durable and will likely not let you down even when you put them under so much duress as misplacing them or dropping them on the ground accidentally. These mics also don’t require phantom power very often which makes things easier for those people who are just starting out but still want to get into the mixing and recording process.

Condenser Microphones

On the other hand, the condenser microphone is fully the opposite of the dynamic type. It picks up audio from a distance. So you’ll have to record in a treated roam otherwise it will pick every buzz and noise coming around the microphone. As far as rapping is concerned, a condenser might not be a good choice for rapping and I will go with dynamic microphone type.

Diaphragm condenser microphones are ideally designed for professional studio recordings. Because usually studios are very noise treated and quite, you can produce amazing audio. Mainly we use these mics in professional studios, YouTube Videos, Live Streams, Gaming etc…

Condenser mics function via the use of capacitors. In other words, they can detect sound much better than non-condenser microphones like dynamic or ribbon mics. It requires 48V of phantom power. There are some good examples of condenser microphones i.e Neumann TLM, Blue Yeti , Rode NT-1 etc. These are industry standard condenser microphones.

Ribbon Microphones

Ribbon is a bit older type of microphone. Ribbon microphones have been in use for a long time. In the early days of broadcasting, presenters from radio and TV would use ribbon mics to speak into them across stage.

That’s because although ribbon mics are delicate and hardy at the same time, and ideally suited for speaking or singing lyrics right off the cuff, these arms of technology date back to the early 20th century.

Photos from that era of broadcasting are filled with presenters making public announcements while speaking into classic ribbon mics they were given over their careers as entertainers (such as before and after WW2).

They are ribbons that are the best option when it comes to the taming of harsh and excessive sounds produced by instruments like those produced by guitars, drums and brass. Ribbons naturally produce a perfect figure eight sound with a tone that magically seems to mellow out tracks even if they’re recorded directly in front of such instruments as mentioned.

Which microphone brand produces good mics for rapping?

There are dozens of microphones brands in the market such as Rode, Shure, Neumann etc. Honestly brand doesn’t matter. But there is a trust in our minds for some popular brands, that’s all. Because if you’re going for a brand like Rode, Shure, or MXL, you know the quality of the microphone is going to be awesome.

The thing matter is type of the microphone and a purpose of use. So, we’re talking about which microphone is best for rapping. So, I’ve mentioned that dynamic microphone type is recommended from me for rappers. Because it picks up audio closer to the microphone and reject everything that is coming from outside.

What to consider picking a microphone for rapping?

As we mentioned, first thing that matters is microphone type, I prefer dynamic microphones for rapping because they produce detailed and warm audio. The thing is do you need hand held microphone or stand based, that’s up to you. We usually consider hand held microphone for rapping. So, I’ll recommend some of the good hand-held dynamic rapping microphones.

Lastly, its your budget that will be considered. You can choose a microphone after you decide, what is your budget. In the market, you can find all the best microphone any budget. If you want to get the list of all the budget microphones, visit Microphonesgeek to read microphone reviews and buying guides. We’ve reviewed the best budget rapping mics there.

Conclusion | Which Mic is Best for Rapping

That’s all from us, now you’ve an idea of picking a good microphone for rapping. If you’ve any questions leave them in the comments section. And if you want us to recommend some good mics for rapping so you can go for Shure SM58, and Samson Q2U. These two are some good sounding dynamic microphone for rapping.

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