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Where To Sell Wine Wholesale?

Wines are valued and consumed by people all over the world. Data show that during the pandemic restrictions, the niche sale of wine drinks has increased significantly. This growth continued after restrictions were lifted. The popularity of wine is also due to the fact that people drink it on all kinds of holidays or just to talk with friends or at a family dinner.

All these factors indicate that wholesale wine is still a profitable business.

Online Trading Platforms

Large representatives of such sales places will help you contact buyers from all over the world. It is worth paying attention to, which places wholesale traders on the global market. If you want to sell wine wholesale, then this option is perfect.

Restaurants And Bars

Some of the biggest opportunities where to sell wine wholesale are restaurants and bars. This is due to the fact that in such places people drink wine and other alcohol in large quantities. Wine is ordered with meat dishes and fish. Thus, the drinking establishment is interested in a solid assortment of wine drinks that will complement their delicious meals. The capacity of restaurants and bars is very high and there are a large number of visitors every day. Because of this, these types of places are interested in cooperation with wine wholesalers.

Grocery Stores

Not only in eatery establishments, people like to diversify their evening with a bottle of tasty and high-quality wine. Grocery stores are also a good place to wholesale wine. In such a place there is also a high turnover of this drink and almost every store needs a wholesale supplier. This is another great option for profitable cooperation for the retail chain and for you as a wine wholesaler.

Your Own Website

In addition to the methods listed above, you can make wholesale sales to customers who need it. For example, buyers who need large quantities of wine for a big event may turn to your wholesale services. This is a suitable option if you do not want to enter very large markets, but still want to do wholesale transactions.

If you are planning to start a wholesale business, you should figure out what wholesale items to sell. An online wine selling business starts with deciding what wine to sell. This is an important question because there are over a hundred types of wine, thousands of names and varieties of wine, and hundreds of other brands that sell wine.

Alcohol is a sensitive product. When you decide how to sell wine wholesale, you need to pay due attention to government regulation of this issue. Each country has its own rules about online sales and export of wine. There are some basic licences that most wine exporters and online wine sellers must have. When you decide on the range of products to be sold, as well as distribution channels, you need to carefully study the information about the necessary permits that apply for wine wholesale.


Wine wholesalers are often invisible to the end customer, but they are one of the key parts of the supply chain. Wine wholesalers usually buy wine from wineries and resell it to shops, restaurants, and other places. They are in charge of ensuring that the wines reach their intended markets. 

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