CasinoWhat’s New In iOS 16 For Gamers?

What’s New In iOS 16 For Gamers?

Among mobile device owners, many people are fans of iOS-based smartphones & tablets. Those who have iPhones and iPads want to have access to the latest innovations available in the world to enjoy the best services and entertainment opportunities. To meet the demands of the audience, Apple constantly updates and supports the system. The latest software version, which many users are already able to test, is iOS 16 (the 16th version). Today, we are going to speak about it in detail and find out about novelties connected with its usage (chiefly, for gamers).

What is Promised by the Novelty?

The renovated OS from Apple has promised a wide range of new features to mobile device owners. The developers claim that it’s the next-generation software, which will bring significant benefits. The system was presented during the WWDC 2022. The official release of the renovated OS was scheduled for September 12, 2022.

Let’s observe the main new functions:

Lock Screen (LS)LS gallery, switching, and editingChoose top pics and change them throughout the day. Font/hints/placement of elements can be adjusted. The same customization is accessible for time & date.
Suggested picsThe best pics will be automatically offered for the LS. More opportunities for stylization and correction are also available.
WidgetsThe owners will be able to use widgets from both Apple and side apps.
Live ActivitiesWatch what’s going on in Live Activities via the LS.
Astronomy & WeatherObserve the Moon/Earth/Sun/weather on the LS in real-time conditions.
TextsSharePlayUse texts to share films/games/music, etc.
CollaborationAdd anyone to a project automatically. The option is compatible with files/numbers/keynotes/pages, etc.
PlaybackIt’s possible to rewind audio messages.
EmailSmarter SearchA more effective search with synonyms & useful suggestions.
Missed responders/attachmentsGet notifications not to miss important messages.
BIMI supportWith Brand Indicators (BI) for the Identification of Messages, it’ll be easy to identify authenticated letters.
Security PasskeysPasskeysForget about passwords. Use private keys instead.
Protection from phishing & leaksPasskeys are not stored anywhere, so the risks are minimal.
Signing-in on other gadgetsWith private keys, the owners can sign in on any device (including non-Apple).
PrivacyStreamingStream right to gadgets supporting non‑AirPlay streaming.
Block for Hidden/Just deleted albumsUnlock them only with specified authentication tools.
Live TextFor videoTexts in videos are can be copied thanks to their interactivity.
Fast ActionsAll data on pics are easily available.
More languagesUkrainian/Japanese and a few other languages are now added.
SiriFull control of the Apple Watch (AW)Any functions of the AW can be managed from the gadget.
Siri in hearing aidsThe announcements can be accessible in hearing aids.

These are just a few novelties. Apple took care of the comfort, security, and flexibility of work with iOS devices.

What’s New for Video Game Players?

The following benefits are achieved thanks to innovated features of the 16th version. They are as follows:

  • It became much easier & more comfortable to play together with your mates
  • The owners can follow the activities they are interested in without additional actions
  • GameCenter (GC) profiles of friends are now visible to the users
  • It became easier to use smart home devices to enjoy favorite apps
  • It is now easier to collect important information and participate in brainstorming activities together with other people
  • More flexible payments are accessible for in-game purchases and other services
  • The owners can get access and control their favorite options easily and comfortably thanks to the Shortcuts setup available for the latest iOS devices.

All the advantages described above became available thanks to new features for gamers added to the 16th version. Let’s look deeper at them:

  • Live Activities. They allow following the current events even when a user’s LS is active. There’s no need to unlock a gadget at all. It saves time & battery. Besides, the owners can see what gaming products or whatever their friends are using right now. Additionally, enjoy sports matches or any other events. Not to be distracted from the favorite apps, use the Gaming Focus mode, which is also accessible on the 16th version.
  • SharePlay. When certain products use the GC, they have this feature integrated. Thanks to it, it’s possible to start playing together with your mates on a FaceTime call.
  • Integration of contacts. With the renovated OS, the contacts will be automatically integrated into the GC. As a result, their profiles will be accessible.
  • Advanced smart home integration. It becomes easier to integrate a device with various home gadgets & controllers. There’re new apps presented, a full-house view, categories for better access, and even widgets on the LS. In addition, Matter support for better device connectivity will be accessible soon.
  • Passkeys. With specific keys, it’s possible to access an account and favorite gaming products from any device, while enjoying advanced security.

New OS stays the same cool in terms of efficiency, speed of work, graphics, and other aspects. Thus, video game players can feel free to enjoy their favorite offline & online products, multiplayer games, and finally, the best free casino game. They can use live dealer options with increased comfort and fewer risks due to a high level of protection.

Problems Discovered

There’re a few negative aspects noticed by experts & device owners concerning the gaming experience with the 16th version. For instance, there’re many apps, which used to work with a previous version of the operating system and stopped correctly operating with the 16th version. It mostly concerns gaming products & apps, which have 3-finger input as a part of their gameplay. When 3-finger tapping is used, an undo/cut/copy/paste menu shows up instead of the desirable action. An example of such a product is Arcaea.

There’s positive news that this is not a purely gaming issue. It means that the developers are likely to fix a problem in the nearest future.


The renovated 16th version became the biggest release made by Apple. It contains many innovative solutions for the comfort, security, and pleasure of device owners. Video game players can enjoy additional benefits but should also keep in mind possible defects.

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