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What You Need to Prove Your Citizenship in Grenada

Grenadian citizenship via the Citizenship by Investment program features many of the same conditions as other routes to citizenship.

Let’s go through the Citizenship by Investment program itself before we get into the papers you’ll need to apply for Grenada citizenship.

Investment Citizenship of Grenada

Numerous countries have Citizenship by Investment systems, with varying investment minimums and fees. For the island nation of Grenada, there are two ways to get citizenship:

  • Investing in a real estate project that has been sanctioned by the government is the real estate option.
  • Donating a large sum of money to a government fund that will be utilized for state-sponsored initiatives is an example of a one-time contribution.

Citizenship in Grenada and a Grenadian passport are widely sought after owing to their particular advantages, and you may get both by either an investment in real estate or a contribution to the Grenada fund. Economic citizenship, often known as the Citizenship by Investment initiative, is a considerably quicker and easier path to citizenship than other ways. This is not a free-for-all path to citizenship; rather, there are specified requirements that applicants must meet and verification processes they must complete before being accepted into the program. It’s easy to assume that the only thing an investor has to do to become a citizen of Grenada is shell out the necessary cash. However, there are additional steps and paperwork that must be completed.

Procedures Needed to Obtain Citizenship by Investment

Investing in Grenada requires meeting a number of criteria.

  1. Applicants’ primary contact must be at least 18 years old.
  2. The primary applicant must demonstrate both the availability and legality of sufficient finances to make the necessary investment.
  3. The primary applicant and any dependents must not have any communicable illnesses or other life-threatening conditions.
  4. To not have a criminal record in any nation.
  5. To avoid becoming the focus of a probe for monetary wrongdoing.
  6. Not anything that needs to be worried about in terms of national security.
  7. You must abstain from doing anything that might bring shame on Granada.
  8. In other words, you should not have been refused entry to a nation that grants Grenada visa-free travel.

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Gaining Citizenship of Grenada

The paperwork and procedures involved in applying for citizenship of Grenada under the Citizenship by Investment scheme show that there are additional fees beyond the initial investment:

  • The price of a share is USD 220,000
  • USD 50,000 in government fees for the main applicant, his or her spouse, and two dependents.
  • Due Diligence fees: USD 10,000
  • The fee to apply is USD 6,000.
  • Fees to process: USD 4,000
  • Registration fees for shares: USD 8,800
  • Cost of a passport: USD 1,000
  • USD 80 for the oath of allegiance
  • Total cost: USD 299,880

The investor and their family will get benefits and privileges that make the expense of Grenada citizenship worthwhile. Grenada’s CBI program is highly sought after since it offers various advantages that make its passport very desirable.

  • To nearly 140 countries without a visa, including the Schengen area, China, and the UK.
  • Permanent citizenship for the investor, their immediate family, and their descendants.
  • If taxes are low enough, the money invested may go toward increasing the investor’s net worth.
  • You can have dual citizenship.
  • Obtaining citizenship does not need a certain length of residency.
  • A chance to get a US E2 visa.

By using the services of Fintech Harbor Consulting, which has years of expertise in directing investors and a positive working relationship with the government, the citizenship-by-investment procedure may be completed more quickly and easily.

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