UncategorizedWhat Should You Know About Grease Trap Cleaning in Your Restaurant?

What Should You Know About Grease Trap Cleaning in Your Restaurant?

Your restaurant is more than just a business for you. It’s one of the most valuable spaces for your staff and customers who walk through the door. 

You might have invested so much time, money, and effort to build your restaurant business, but if you’ve ignored efficient plumbing, it can drastically affect your entire reputation. 

A grease trap is usually the interceptor that separates organic fatty waste and the plumbing system to prevent fat build-up. It can keep the waste in one convenient place so that you can easily remove it.  

Sometimes, the grease trap cleaning becomes challenging, and you might need to call a professional that offers the best commercial plumbing services for your restaurant. 

What Is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a metal housing that is designed to collect FOGs (fat, oil, and grease waste) from your commercial kitchen. The metal housing fills wastewater that contains FOGs and organic fatty waste. 

The fatty waste can be separated and float on top of the wastewater. The remaining solid will stay at the bottom. Mostly, you will find rectangle or square shapes in the grease trap. 

Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning For Restaurants

You already know it takes a lot to operate your commercial kitchen smoothly, from making sure that appliances work at optimal capacity to keeping the kitchen clean and safe. 

Apart from these, you also need to ensure regular grease trap cleaning. FOGs can’t be just poured into the drain, nor can they be tossed into the garbage. These things have to be handled professionally and should meet the basic requirements enforced by a local municipality, state, and FDA. In many ways, grease trap cleaning serves as the core part of a commercial kitchen. 


  • A grease trap is a particular device that traps FOGs before passing through the public water system. Thus, you need to hire a commercial plumbing professional who can install a grease trap at your restaurant. Once it is properly installed, you can smoothly run your kitchen. However, it requires occasional cleaning. 
  • An expert should perform the regular inspection and cleaning of a grease trap. There are various reasons for hiring professional grease trap cleaning experts. The benefits are listed below:
    • They have qualified and trained professionals. 
    • They are familiar with all grease traps related regulations 
    • They can easily install or repair grease trap
    • They can offer regular maintenance at an affordable cost
  • The grease trap cleaning method can vary. It can be just skimming off the top layer of FOG from the trap. For a larger grease trap, you might need to hire a professional who can use specialize pumps to clean it. 


  • FOGs should be appropriately disposed of, and grease trap cleaning is not just a regular thing to do. They are compulsory and local municipality, state, and FDA regulates various aspects of FOG disposal and management. 
  • FOGs can be harmful to the environment, and that’s why the FDA takes precautionary actions and enforces laws that all commercial kitchens should comply with. If you fail to meet the standards, the fine can range from hundreds of dollars to 50,000 dollars per day. 
  • When you partner with a commercial plumbing service provider, they can give you the report if you comply with the FOGs disposal standards.  
  • The right contractor will help you meet FDA standards, and they can tell you of the regulations you must follow. They can also assist you with preventive maintenance and alert you for potential problems in advance. 

Why Regular Grease Trap Cleaning Is a Must

A grease trap cleaning might not be the most glamorous part of the restaurant, but it doesn’t matter when necessary. The grease trap cleaning is a legal requirement, and also it is suitable for your bottom line. Regular grease trap maintenance can eventually lower your equipment expenses. 

Usually, the restaurants should perform grease trap cleaning every one to three months.  Here are few reasons you should schedule regular maintenance grease traps with experts:

  • Reduce the chances of clogs
  • Prevent unpleasant odors
  • Happy kitchens make better food
  • Extends tank life
  • Avoid leakage in the wastewater
  • Easier and less expensive cleaning

Commercial grease trap cleaning is essential, and you or your staff shouldn’t complete it. Make sure you contact experts who offer commercial plumbing services. Professional cleaning is much needed to ensure proper disposal and safety while performing the job. 

Get in touch with skilled technicians since they have all the specialized equipment and tools needed to complete the cleaning process of your commercial kitchen. 

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