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What is the Purpose for Januvia Medicine?

The short answer to this is that Januvia 100mg is intended to treat and prevent spikes in blood sugar, and is commonly used to treat both hypoglycemia and diabetic situations, but not mutually exclusively. While hypoglycemia and diabetes are the most common blood sugar issues, there are a host of other illnesses that can result in unstable blood sugar levels, and some people just have unpredictable blood sugar levels without suffering from any particular illness due to quirks in genetics. Regardless of issue behind blood sugar spikes, these are extremely dangerous, and can result in things such as organ failure, brain damage and long-term or short-term compromising of mental and sensory faculties. So, if the doctor says you need Januvia 100mg, take this recommendation very seriously.

Unfortunately, taking these recommendations seriously in the United States can be a challenge unless you are very well off financially. This country’s health care system is terrible, and pretty much every side of the political divide agrees on this. They even agree on the general sense of how to solve this, it’s the nuances, combined with ridiculous state-level sovereignty, that make it very difficult to implement such things here. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen, they will, but it’s going to take a lot of time. In the interim, there are a few things you can do to reduce the price of medications like this, and the most obvious of these is to shop online.

Even if you were shopping with an American pharmacy, which we don’t recommend you do, switching to online shopping will reduce brick-and-mortar overhead as well as make available various coupons, discounts and other customer loyalty incentives that brick-and-mortar locations are incapable of practicing.

Furthermore, shopping for a generic version of this medication will further reduce the price significantly, and the only difference is the name, lower price and possibly the appearance of the medication, while the chemical composition, dosage and so forth are identical by law. However, this isn’t enough, not in this country. There needs to be some way to severely cut that base price point, and that’s not so easy to do in America. But, you don’t have to shop in America!

You can shop for medications across the Canadian border, or really any country with which we have a trade agreement, and as long as the medication is FDA approved and you have the appropriate prescription documentation where needed, nothing is stopping you.

Of course, American pharmacies and American pharmaceutical companies heavily discourage this, but who doesn’t discourage people shopping with their competition? In the meantime, while we await a better healthcare system here, you can shop through these Canadian pharmacies to get those great online shopping deals, generic price reductions as well as a significant cut in the initial cost due to how the Canadian health care system works. It’s worth noting that in Canada, Januvia 100mg isn’t free, merely offset by taxation rather than by being reflected in out-of-pocket cost. Since you don’t pay taxes in Canada, you get that artificial lower cost without the offset!

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