BlogWhat Is Mircari? Reviews | Is Mercari Legit?

What Is Mircari? Reviews | Is Mercari Legit?

Mircari is a retailing website that is created in Japan to allow every beginner-level seller to effortlessly sell their products without hustling to find the right buyer. Mircari has become a dream come true marketplace for small-scale sellers. This business is now active in the US as well. The following is the list of key distinctions between this C2C brand and its competitors:

1 AI fraud monitoring: To ensure safe and secure deals on Mircari, every action on their website has an AI preview. AI fraud monitors are available to secure the entire purchasing and selling process and for a variety of activities, including publishing product ads, transaction processes, fake sellers, etc. 

2  Beginner Friendly:  If compared to any other C2C website for selling products, Mircari is the most beginner-friendly one. The seller doesn't have to give much time to understand the selling process, and it provides very easy steps to post ads on their website. On Mircari, one can make a quick sale and can earn good profits without spending a large amount on ads fee. 

3 Integrated payment service (Merpay): To promote user transparency, they offer a mobile payment method that is integrated into the Mircari app itself. For contactless payments, Merpay offers a customised QR code and DOCOMO iD payment. After selling their wares, sellers can utilise the money from their merpay accounts at any offline or online store.

4 Variety of products on the website: The seller is free to sell any item they want to sell on Mircari. Concerning product brands and uses, the seller is not subject to any restrictions. However, the vendor typically tries to sell branded items to attract the consumer quickly and readily. Any item that can assist the customer with their needs can be listed on Mircari.

What brands are available on Mircari? 

One of the most well-known C2C brands in the US and Japan is Mircari. They provide a wide selection of retailers on their website and application. On Mircari, thousands of brands are offered. Since these products are sold on a greater scale than any other, electronics and clothes are the categories with the most brands. 

There are electronics available from brands like Sony, Apple, Microsoft, JBL, Kodak, etc. The majority of home décor items, including wall art, ornamental accessories, and picture frames, are offered on Mircari. 

Adidas, Air Jordan, Gucci, Forever 21, PINK, VANS, Xbox, Burberry, Funko, Apple, American Eagle, and Nintendo are among the top brands that are represented on Mircari. The majority of the brands on Mircari are those that are listed above. Some brands specialise in sneakers, while others sell clothing and electronics. 

The website's search bar is located at the top, where users can quickly look up the brand they need. Some underrated brands are also provided by small-scale sellers. Sporting brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Under Armour are also available for buyers to get good quality sporting accessories and equipment.

Ways To Make Purchases on Mircari:

To hunt down various products from the Mircari store, the user has to follow some steps:

1 Account registration: To begin, each user had to create an account on Mircari and provide a phone number or email address for verification. Additionally, they must include their address and the payment method used in Japan.

2 Searching for the required product: Once the account has been successfully created, the user can use the search box to find the products they need. To quickly place your product at the top of the list, it is preferable to search with the brand name. Carefully read the seller's provided description. To ask the seller any questions about the product, there is a comment option provided at the bottom.

3 Checkout stage: If you decide to buy a specific item, then directly go straight to the checkout stage after choosing the item. There will be a red button where one must select the appropriate payment option to finish the purchasing process. 

4 Payment methods: The important phase, which is the payment options, follows next after choosing the desired item. The users of Mircari can pay with their credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Zip, and even Merpay, which is their integrated payment system given by the Mircari company itself. 

Can You List an Item on Mircari? 

Yes, listing an item on Mircari is simple. A minimum fee of 10% of the item's selling price is required for sellers to create listings on Mircari. The seller has to pay that fee when an item is sold. One can make easy profits on their products because Mircari doesn't charge a huge fee for product listing and a huge amount of buyers purchase various items through Mircari.

One should make use of the exhibit button to create their product list. Then they have to enter some information related to the products that are listed. Two tips are given to sell the item quickly and profitably.

1 Perfect information of item: After creating an account, make a list of items that one has to sell. Give a piece of detailed information about the product. Details like brand name, item type, size, colour, and dimension must be provided in the description of the item.

2 Be an active seller: The question asked by the buyers should be entertained properly with a genuine answer that should make the buyer satisfied. Once they purchase your item, you should send a quick regards message from your side to the buyer.

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