Health and FitnessWhat is Mint Tea: Benefits, Side effects

What is Mint Tea: Benefits, Side effects

Mint tea is a relaxing herbal drink, and people worldwide love it for its fresh aroma. Although the health benefits of mint tea are often marketed, not all of them have been proven in scientific studies. Regardless, organic mint tea does possess essential benefits. 

For starters, enjoying a cup of organic mint tea will leave you feeling both calm and revitalized. This beverage has long been recognized as a sort of herb containing various nutrients.

The moment you start drinking mint tea regularly, your body will receive lots of benefits such as vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A, potassium, and many others. This guide will show you the benefits of organic mint tea, including the side effects you should look out for. 

Let’s begin. 

What Is Mint Tea? 

When you infuse peppermint leaves in hot water, what you get is peppermint tea. 

When peppermint leaves are steeped in hot water, numerous essential oils are released, including menthone,  menthol, and limonene. Peppermint tea's cooling, refreshing, minty flavor comes from combining these ingredients.

Dried loose leaves, fresh leaves, or tea bags can all be used to make peppermint tea. Peppermint can be combined with various flavors in tea bags, such as apple or licorice. You can drink it regularly because it's naturally caffeine-free.

Peppermint tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, reaching back to the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian societies. However, peppermint was not identified as a unique type of mint until the 1700s.

However, organic mint tea has little nutritional value in macronutrients and just about two calories per 100ml. It's worth is based on the essential oils and their potential health benefits.

Top 4 Benefits Of Organic Mint Tea 

  1. Mint Tea May ease Indigestion And Bloating 

Mint tea is known for its digestive properties, with some people claiming that it relieves symptoms like bloating and gas. Unfortunately, there isn't much human study on the effectiveness of peppermint tea yet, but animal studies show that it can have a calming impact on the digestive tract.

The majority of study has focused on peppermint oil, which is more concentrated than tea and has provided some temporal comfort for IBS sufferers. However, If you're thinking of using peppermint tea or oil to help with IBS symptoms, check with your doctor first to make sure it's right for you.

  1. May Freshen Your Breath 

Peppermint is commonly used to freshen breath in mints, chewing gum, and toothpaste, and its natural antibacterial characteristics may help prevent bad breath.

In one study, schoolgirls given a peppermint mouth rinse had better breath after one week than the control group. There is no scientific evidence that drinking mint tea has the same impact. However, peppermint components have been shown to enhance breath.

  1. Organic Mint Tea Can Boost Your Energy 

Organic mint tea can help you feel more energized and less tired during the day.

While no studies have been done on peppermint tea specifically, research has shown that natural chemicals in peppermint may have energy-boosting properties.

For example, when 24 healthy young people were given peppermint oil capsules, they felt less tired during a cognitive test.

Another study has shown that peppermint oil aromatherapy lessens the incidence of daytime sleepiness.

  1. May Help In Blocked Nose 

While mint tea won't cure your cold, the menthol scent of the mint, combined with the steam from the tea, may help clear your nasal passages if you have a stuffy nose.

Side Effects Of Mint Tea 

Since most research on peppermint's benefits and side effects has been done with peppermint oil, you may not suffer the following negative effects if you drink organic mint tea. And that's because peppermint tea is not nearly as potent as peppermint oil.

Peppermint, on the other hand, may cause nausea in some people. In addition, there is some evidence that it may reduce sperm production, and if you use peppermint oil, you may get a rash if your skin comes into touch with the oil.

Final Thoughts 

Peppermint tea and the natural chemicals present in peppermint leaves may provide many health benefits.

While there isn't much research on peppermint tea, multiple studies show the benefits of peppermint oil and extracts. Peppermint can aid with breath freshening, digestion, and concentration.

This mint also has antimicrobial characteristics, which could help with blocked airways, allergy symptoms, and headaches.

Mint tea is a refreshing, naturally sweet drink that you can enjoy. And it's free of caffeine too! 

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