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What is Cold Infusion Tea?

After centuries of consuming hot tea for enjoyment and to enhance health, a recent trend has been spreading around the world over the past decade or two, and that’s cold-infused tea. This type of tea differs to its warmer counterpart and many leading experts say that it is actually better for you than traditional tea, due to the temperature and how it affects a person’s metabolism. In this article, we’ll be getting to know a little bit more about cold blended tea, what it is, and why it can be so beneficial to those that consume it.

What is Cold Infused Tea?

Cold infusion tea is a type of beverage that is steeped in a different way to the more traditional, hot tea types that so many people are used to. When brewing a tea with hot water, the warmer temperature is used to release the properties of the tea bag, including the vitamins, minerals, and flavour. With cold blended tea, the process of steeping is different in the sense that rather than using hot water to rapidly extract the properties of the tea, the amount of time that a cold tea is infused is extended.

A hot tea can be made by boiling a kettle, placing a tea bag in a cup and then waiting 4 to 5 minutes for the drink to be ready. With a cold infused tea, the contents will often be left to sit for many hours, and sometimes even overnight to allow the ingredients within to fully blend with the water. Manufacturer such as Finlays create a ready-to-go beverage in a range of flavours for your convenience.

What Are the Benefits of Doing This?

With hot tea, it’s not uncommon for the levels of vitamins and minerals to deplete due to being boiled – and as these ingredients infuse with the hot water, they can even evaporate. Cold tea on the other hand that isn’t exposed to hot water at all, will retain all of the nutrients within the water, providing a potentially higher level of concentrated vitamins.

It’s not just the volume of nutrients that are appealing with cold tea however, it’s also how the temperature can affect a person’s body. For instance, if the cold tea is placed in a fridge overnight and allowed to cool thoroughly before being consumed, the temperature of the drink can actually stimulate the human bodies’ metabolic rate into acting more rapidly.

As a result, experts have suggested that cold tea can play a role in weight loss, as a more active metabolism will require more energy, which will be retrieved from stored fat within the body. Over time, this increase in demand for energy can reduce the size of fatty cells and provide a slimmer, more defined physique.

This is part of the reason why so many celebrities and athletes prefer cold brewed tea over the warmer alternative, because not only can they stand to receive a healthy dose of vitamins from the botanical components and herbs within the tea – they can also enjoy a faster metabolic rate. Colder drinks have been proven to benefit internal organs, too, as they will work harder to return to their original temperature, making the stomach, kidneys, liver and intestines work harder, and as they are organic muscles, their strength and resilience can improve as a result of exposure to colder temperatures.

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