LifestyleWhat Are The Prime Tips To Be A Pro Gamer?

What Are The Prime Tips To Be A Pro Gamer?

Are you a gaming lover? If yes, then here are discussed general tips or guidelines are best that will help you out to be a pro gamer. Yes, these are the basic guidelines that every gamer must need to acquire to be a pro player of any computer game.

Firstly, every computer gamer has need efficient control over the computer primary devices namely mouse and keyboard. These two are the primary learning need for any gamers to make their gaming class pro. So, let’s know how you will be good in these two things operating.

CPS Test Website Top Functionalities

Firstly, we try to explain you basic functions of CPS. CPS stands for Click Per Second that is related with mouse clicks. And CPS click test calculates user clicks that they do over the website dashboard. There are five free facilities are given at the main portal of the CPS that are pointed as below. Also, the main facilities are discussed in brief below. So, check how it represent their features and working way to their users.

  • Mouse Click Test
  • Keyboard Typing Test
  • Mouse Hover Test / Mouse Scroll Test
  • Jitter Click Test
  • Kohi Click Test

The Portal That Makes You Pro In Computer Peripheral Device Operating

CPS Test is the blessing portal for newbie gamers that want to upgrade their gaming class to pro. The invention of Click Per Second (CPS) or mouse test was first introduced at the huge platform namely Minecraft. This functionality is for the addicted gamers who want pure control over every niche game.

But the CPS web portal is the perfect creation for all kinds of people who have need of control over the mouse as well keyboard typing. So at least check out by visiting what kind of functionality they serve to their users. Also, you can know their basics by reading the below-represented points.

Which Facilities Are There At The CPS Test Online Portal

CPS (Click Per Second) is an online test portal that has the functionality of testing user mouse click speed and also keyboard typing speed. Generally, it counts in seconds and returns a total number of clicks divided by total time take by users. And the final answer is represented as a CPS score of the users. Is it Interesting? Right! So, this is about the user mouse clicking test.

Same as it keyboard testing gives some words or sentences on the user dashboard and the user has to type according to their spell. The system checks their every spell as well as also counts the time taken for it. The wrong typed word is highlighted as a red color mark. And the speel that is spelled right is marked as a green colour. Also, other kinds of tests are their namely mouse hover test. So, this type of thing will definitely help gamers to take the best control over mouse and keyboards.


Thus, CPS Web portal is the medium that every kind of folk can use in their daily life. And also, this is the simplest and best thing ever that gamers can adopt to change their new class of gaming to pro players. Also, you can try mouse hover testing free facility of Click Speed test website.

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