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What Are the Odds of Getting Into a Car Accident?

A report from 2022 showed that approximately 90 people in the USA die from car accidents daily.

This is a frightening statistic, and even when car accidents decrease, the decrease is gradual. Car accidents remain a serious issue throughout the country.

But what are your odds of getting into a car accident? What should you do if you become the victim of a car accident?

This detailed guide will break down the likelihood of a car accident and how legal services can help you in the aftermath.

Will You Get Into a Car Accident?

Unfortunately, the previous report shows a high likelihood of getting into a car accident.

On average, the United States has a higher rate of car accidents than other first-world nations.

It would be best if you always took extra precautions to be safe. But reckless driving is a fact of life, and we can’t always anticipate how others will behave on the road.

But what we can do is fight for our rights if we become car accident victims. You must take the other party to court if you sustain auto accident injuries. 

If people get punished for reckless driving or anything else that can lead to a car accident, we can make our streets safer.

Injuries and Fatalities

What are the chances of receiving an injury versus dying from a car accident? 2020 was one of the years that was most studied concerning car accidents.

While much of the country was under lockdown due to the pandemic, many car accidents still existed.

According to a compilation of data from the NHTSA, Newsweek, and the US Census Bureau, there were many increases in fatalities from car accidents.

There was an increase in fatalities caused by the following:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Speeding
  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Distracted driving
  • Hit-and-run cases

As we’ve now opened up since the pandemic, we can expect new data to be published. But as we can see, even with such restrictions, we sadly saw increased fatalities.

Based on the data compiled, there’s an average of one person injured in 43% of car accidents. There was a slight decrease in fatalities per mile traveled in 2020 compared to 2019.

Nevertheless, 2020 saw an average of over 6,200 car accident injuries reported daily. 

Types of Car Accidents

Let’s now look at some of the most common types of car accidents and their consequences.

Rear-end collision refers to when your car gets hit in the rear by another car. Often, these are the majority of car accidents, but this can change each year.

If the driver is speeding, the accident can be severe and lead to significant injuries or fatalities. The driver who hits another car’s rear is usually considered negligent.

But you may still have to fight a case if you receive a rear-end collision. There are instances where you’ll have to prove that the accident occurred due to the other driver’s negligence.

Other types of car accidents include head-on collisions. This can occur when a driver enters a one-way street. 

There’s also a sideswipe accident. This happens when two or more cars hit each other on the side.

This can happen when one car changes lanes and doesn’t notice an oncoming car.

This shouldn’t be confused with a side-impact crash. This is when one car gets hit on the side by another car driving forward.

It can happen when two cars are crossing through an intersection. These are often some of the most dangerous types of car accidents. 

What Causes Car Accidents?

Let’s look at some ways you can get into a car accident through no fault of your own.

One is if another driver is following you too closely. You want to keep your distance from them.

If another driver is speeding, you must try to avoid them if possible. You’ll have to take extra precautions in areas with high-speed limits.

Often, reckless drivers will abuse this privilege on such roads.

Likewise, watch for any driver using their phone while driving. During late nights, especially holidays, drunk and drowsy driving is a major issue.

If there are faulty roads, poor construction, and infrastructure, this can also lead to potential car accidents.

Of course, these are basics that you already know. However, you must prove negligence to win a car accident claim.

Now, consider making a car accident claim and what legal services you’ll need.

Making a Car Accident Claim

If you get into a car accident, your first step should be to call 911. You’ll need to file a police report but also seek medical attention.

Even if you don’t feel pain immediately, a medical checkup is crucial. Your medical report will be needed when you file a claim.

Hiring a lawyer is also needed to help you fight your case. They’ll advise you on what information you need to gather to receive your claim.

Personal injury attorneys have many years of experience working with car accident victims. By punishing negligent drivers, they play an important role in making our streets safer.

You can hire a San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney to help you fight and win your case. Follow their advice on gathering evidence and presenting the facts to a court.

If we fight against negligent drivers, we can all do our part in reducing car accidents. If we all play our part, the statistics in future years will look less grim.

These Are the Odds of Getting Into a Car Accident

Now you know the odds of getting into a car accident and some of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities caused by car accidents.

Fatalities from different types of negligence increased from 2019 to 2020. In 2022, reports showed an average of 90 people die daily from car accidents.

The likelihood of car accidents is quite high in the US. Even when there’s a decrease, there are still a lot of accidents.

Hire a great attorney to fight your case if you become a victim.

Stay safe on the roads. Be sure you check out our other legal tips on our blog.

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