LawWhat are The Major Causes of Wrongful Death In a State?

What are The Major Causes of Wrongful Death In a State?

Wrongful death happens because of the negligence of someone else. While if someone has killed a person intentionally, a criminal case will be filed against him by the state or federal government. On the contrary, wrongful death cases are filed by family members or any loved ones, who seek compensation or punishment. In such cases, a Houston wrongful death attorney can be hired because he will be able to file the case in the most effective manner. 

Causes of wrongful deaths in a state

Mishaps may be common but can be devastating. The entire family gets affected if someone dies due to the carelessness of another person. Some of the examples of such accidents are elaborated on below:

Automobile accidents

We all are aware of the common reasons for auto accidents. Some of them may be distracted driving, drunken driving, DUI, and aggressive driving. In all these situations, drivers may have lost control of the wheel. It may have injured the pedestrian even if he was not violating any traffic laws. 

Truck accidents 

These accidents may involve more than one party. Car drivers, pedestrians, and truck drivers may get involved in this type of accident. These accidents are so devastating that a person may die leaving his family behind. Reports also show that the death rate is higher in case of truck accidents. 

Bicycle accidents 

They may be common but someone can lose his kid due to such an accident. No money in this world can compensate for such losses. The driver may lose control of the vehicle when the rider comes his way all of a sudden. Such accidents can be observed in every state.

Medical malpractice

A wrongful death may occur because the medicine or the treatment offered to the patient proves to be unsuitable. These injuries may be fatal. In many cases, the doctor makes such mistakes during surgery and the patient dies after it is performed or even during that time. Anesthesia errors can also be considered medical malpractice because the patient does not come back after getting sedated. 

Product liability 

It has also been observed that several people get injured after consuming the wrong products. The manufacturer does not even put warning labels on the products.

The families can get compensation for damages and losses on the behalf of dead persons. However, these cases are complex and need to be handled with the help of a knowledgeable attorney.

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