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What Are the Benefits of Having a Personal Website for Writers and Authors? & How WordPress Can Help.

As a writer or author, you know that promotion is essential to getting your work seen and read by others. Having a personal website gives you a platform to do just that – grow your own audience and be your own boss when it comes to promoting your own content and publication. 

It’s a space where you can share your writing, connect with readers, and build an audience for your work. This can be an excellent way of showcasing the author portfolio of your past, present, and upcoming writing projects. 

There are many benefits to having a personal website as an author, and why should you start investing in creating your own online portfolio.

Here Are Some of the Most Important Ones:

Self-branding – Personal website gives you a professional online presence.

A stylish new portfolio website can go a long way when it comes to self-branding. You can showcase your best content, interact with your readers, and tease them about your upcoming projects. 

And not only that, your website’s layout, overall style, typeface, homepage visuals, and mission statement can easily become your brand identity. How you portray yourself online may set you apart from all the rest. 

Having a website can also help you get connected with publishers and brands for future collaborations. 

It enhances your ability to market, sell your past work, and gain new clients

If you’re an author, having a personal website is a great way to sell your books and past published literature. You can take full advantage of your site to provide information about your books, share excerpts and reader reviews, and offer links to purchase your published work. 

By using WordPress, you can take matters into your own hands and use plugins such as WooCommerce to sell physical copies of your books or use something like Easy Digital Downloads, which makes it easy to sell digital ebook copies of your literature. 

A portfolio website can help you connect with readers and followers 

Having a personal website also allows you to control how people interact with your work. You can choose to make your website open to comments and feedback, or you can keep it closed so that only you can control the content. You can also use your website to connect with other writers and authors and build a network of contacts who can help you promote your work.

WordPress Can Help Writers Build Their Perfect Author’s Portfolio

WordPress can easily go down as the best CMS platform for writers, authors, and anyone with a non-technical background. And not only that, the platform itself is completely free to use. You’ll just have to find the right WordPress tools for you. 

Here are some of the ways WordPress can help writers:

WordPress makes it easy to create and manage a website

Creating a website can be daunting, but WordPress makes it easy. With WordPress, you can get a website up and running in no time. And if you need help, there’s a wide range of resources available, including tutorials, support forums, and online courses.

WordPress offers a wide range of community-made plugins.

WordPress has a wide range of features and plugins that can help you build a successful website. One such example that will help you build your author portfolio website is the ElementsReady addons for Elementor plugin

This intuitive Elementor plugin offers over 115+ modular widgets with which you can easily create your own author profile. Operating this plugin is as easy as dragging widgets and dropping them onto your page.  

It even features a ton of pre-set content that will help you get your website up and running with just a few clicks and customization. 

WordPress is free

WordPress is a free and open-source platform. That means you can download, install, and use it without having to pay anything. And if you need additional features, the WordPress community of developers and development teams has got you covered.

The WordPress repository and third-party marketplaces host a ton of amazing functionality-driven content for you to take advantage of. 

Easy hosting solutions 

Worried about hosting services? Don’t worry, WordPress can be easily integrated with any web hosting service. Hosting services nowadays will ensure your website’s security, functionality, and back-end maintenance if needed. 

If you’re a writer or author looking to create a personal website, WordPress is a great platform to consider. It’s truly an easy-to-use platform, it offers a wide range of features and plugins, and it’s free. 

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