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What are the 3 Important Things to Know Before Purchasing a Cheap UTV?

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If you’re in the market for a new UTV, this can be a daunting undertaking since these vehicles are often high-priced. That’s why you may want to consider a used UTV. While you’ll save a considerable amount of money, you shouldn’t expect UTV sellers to give you the same type of discounts you’d receive if you were buying a car. After all, the depreciation price for a UTV is around $500 at the point of purchase. However, the depreciation for a UTV goes significantly slower than for a traditional automobile. In addition, UTVs don’t wear down as quickly as conventional cars and trucks, so you won’t have to make as many repairs on your UTV. Therefore, it could be another great reason to invest in a previously-owned UTV. 

  1. Know How to Search

If you’re searching for your pre-owned UTV in an online marketplace, you may miss out on potential deals if you only search using the terms “ATV” or “UTV.” Some sellers may leave this phrase out of their selling description. You can also look for specific models to further customize your search. Here are a few brands from quality manufacturers to look out for: 

  • Kawasaki: Prairie, Brute Force, Mule, Teryx4;
  • Can-Am: Renegade, Outlander, Maverick, Commander;
  • Arctic Cat: Wildcat;
  • Honda: Foreman, TRX, Recon, Pioneer, Rubicon, FourTrax, Rancher;
  • Yamaha: Grizzly, Kodiak, Raptor, YFZ, YXZ, Viking;
  • Polaris: Ranger, General, Scrambler, Sportsman, RZR;
  • Suzuki: Vinson, Kingquad;
  • Textron: Alterra;
  • John Deere: Gator;

Be sure to look for terms like “side-by-side” or “four-wheeler” as well to find off-roading vehicles that fit your needs.

  1. Search More than One Place

There are a few places that feature used UTVs in several price ranges, including: 

eBay Motors

You may not find many ATVs that you can pick up in your city or town, but you can find the nearest region to pick up customized off-roading vehicles that you probably won’t find anywhere else. 

UTV Classifieds

Search your local print or digital newspaper for sellers in your area. It makes it easier to see the off-roading vehicle in person and test-drive it. You can even find vehicles you’re interested in that are an hour or two away if you’re willing to travel for a great deal.

This website is a great resource for helping you find an ATV that meets your specifications. In addition, a number of dealers advertise their vehicles on this website. So while you may not find the lowest prices every time you search, you are sure to find quality ATVs from top manufacturers. 

  1. Refine Your Choices and Make Your Purchase

Once you find an ATV you’re interested in buying, search the Kelley Blue Book for the price and compare it with the asking prices. In most cases, the Blue Book price is lower than the seller’s request. You can use this as a negotiating tool if you really want the UTV. Depending on how quickly the seller wants to complete the transaction, they may be willing to offer you a discount. 

When you’ve found the off-roading vehicle you want, go to the seller with cash in hand. UTVs cost more than the daily ATM withdrawal limit, so prepare for your purchase a few days in advance. If you’re negotiating with the seller via email or text, let them know the amount you have in cash, and they are prepared to pay ASAP. Some sellers will be willing to close the deal right away instead of waiting for you to get more cash. 

The Bottom Line

Keeping these helpful tips in mind will make it easier for you to find the best budget UTV for your off-roading needs. In addition to doing your research to find the UTV you want at a great price, you can also get referrals from family and friends who are off-roading enthusiasts. Joining an off-roading group in your community can also help you find affordable UTVs and parts that will make this adventurous hobby more enjoyable. 

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