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Wedding Season in Asia Has Started With Winter

In Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, the wedding season is in full flow; it begins in November and lasts into the New Year, pauses for New Year's Eve celebrations, dances in red on Valentine's Day, and elegantly enters March.

Suppose you live in a country where one considers marriage the most crucial event in one's life, where weddings are massive affairs that can take up to a week to complete.

In that case, it is understandable that it would turn a personal occasion into a glitzy extravaganza.

Your son or daughter's multi-day wedding, the entertainment provided at the events and guest list, as well as the designer outfits you spent too much money on, are all announced loudest and best at a wedding. 

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It is the best way to proclaim who you are and your social standing.

The Arrival of Winter Brings Joy to the Wedding Couple

In Pakistan, the winter months are synonymous with the “wedding season.

When it comes to Pakistan, most weddings and engagement celebrations events occur this time of year. Pakistan's summers are sweltering and unsuitable for events like weddings. 

On the other hand, when it comes to winter weddings, you may wear any hairdo, any gorgeous dress, and your makeup won't melt away. As a bonus, marriages may be held all night long in the winter since the evenings are longer, allowing guests to enjoy themselves with family and friends.

Are you trying to find a light but fashionable outfit for a Barat event? If so, then Maria B will prove to be helpful for you. The brand offers zari embroidery dresses in gold thread on a deep crimson silk shirt. The garment comes with basic trousers and a gold-colored embroidered chiffon gharara and dupatta.

Searching for the Best Wedding Dress

You can check out the newest Pakistani wedding dresses online at IZ Emporium for stunning looks on the big Barat day. If you want to seem like a traditional bride, choose crimson, and if you're going to look like an exquisite bride, choose goldenly. It is essential that the bride and groom both wear matching attire. 

For many years, Pakistani Barat has favoured red wedding lehenga dresses. When it comes to Pakistani weddings, both the bride and groom's clothing should coordinate in traditional colors and styles. In addition, the wedding Walima dresses are a standout. You can get the latest wedding dresses at

Pakistani lehenga bridal dresses have long been popular on the first marriage day. Consequently, here are some red Pakistani bridal clothes I've gathered. For Barat day, choose a deep red, pink, or orange-red lehenga pattern embroidered with elaborate Zaria, tilla, or cutwork embroidery motifs.

Winter is The Right Time to Marry

Among women, discussing weddings is a common subject of conversation. Winter is the time of year when people may indulge in all of their favourite pastimes, including shopping, dressing up, and generally looking their best. Before attending a wedding, the dress is the most crucial thing to consider regarding how you'll appear.

Thanks to the chilling weather, a bride can wear any dress she likes for her wedding. 

When it comes to your whole ensemble, your dress will be the star. Brides are free to dress in whatever way they like for their weddings, no matter the weather. Depending on the weather, guests may customise their wedding gowns by picking out the textiles they want to wear.

Fabric to Choose During Winter

During the winter, bridal dresses made of silk, chiffon, silk jamawar, net, and velvet are ideal for wedding ceremonies and parties. Maria B has a wide selection of Pakistani winter wedding dresses for ladies to choose from. It is fashionable to wear outfits for ladies. 

When attending numerous weddings this season, people on a budget may manage to buy several new costumes at a low price point thanks to the low cost of dresses by Maria B.

Bridal Gown with Masoori Net and Heavy Embroidery

A beautiful sage hue with light blue and rustic gold embroidery decorates masoori and net dress, along with the dupatta. It will contain zari embroidery on the front, back, and sleeves of the masoori shirt, covering the whole piece. On top of that, the outfit will come with jamawar pants and an embellished dupatta made of net material.

Dress with Embroidered Net Dupatta in Heavy Velvet

A Barat or Walima event calls for a sophisticated black velvet dress, which perfectly fits the bill. Intricate gold thread embroidery decorates the whole garment. Your outfit should have crepe trousers with an embroidered panel and a net dupatta with light gold embroidery.

Wedding rituals in Pakistan date back centuries and are closely linked to Indian subcontinent customs and culture. The Mughals brought these customs to South Asia. Pakistani weddings have a regal feel to them since they carry the legacy of Mughal culture. Every South Asian wedding, regardless of location, has the same level of pomp and pageantry as a British Pakistani ceremony.


A Pakistani wedding is a week-long celebration that includes a variety of festivities. You may quickly lose track of time and forget about your daily routine with so much going on. When you've had so much fun and excitement, it's hard to return to everyday life. At a Pakistani wedding, aside from the extravagant decorations and linens used like tablecloth, Polyester Napkins, and chair covers, the bride of Pakistan is the centre of attention..

Events and fun are the order of the day at Pakistani weddings. The Pakistani bridal attire is the first item on the wedding to-do list. In contrast to the rest of the world, the Pakistani bride is more concerned about her wedding attire. The groom and bridesmaids' outfits are often a topic of conversation during a Pakistani wedding. As a result, the Pakistani bride is the centre of attention, and the Pakistani bridal attire is an essential item at a wedding ceremony.

Every Pakistani woman wants to appear her best during her Pakistani wedding, so elaborate embroidery and vibrant colour schemes are crucial.

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