SEOWeb Design Trends that Surfaced in 2022

Web Design Trends that Surfaced in 2022

The field of web design is one that is constantly evolving. New additions are being made into the design to create a better experience for all visitors by targeting both functionality and the overall aesthetics and as web designers in Geelong, we know this better than anyone. Similarly, the year 2022 was full of such changes. While the fundamental structure remained unaltered, several new changes made their way into the field of web design and altered the overall look and feel of a website. We did bid goodbye to several trends that were prominent during 2020 and in their stead welcomed new ones that changed the definition of what a good website looks like. 

So, let’s have a look at these design trends that surfaced in 2022 and how they changed the web design landscape for the better. 

  1.  A Minimalist Design

The trend of minimalism invaded the field of web design in 2022 and turned overcrowded websites into a thing of the past. Increased negative space, simpler fonts, and monochromatic colour schemes all became the key aesthetic features of websites in 2022. In a recent survey where over 200 web designers participated, 84.6% of them voted against overcrowded websites and therefore in favor of a minimalist one. Now, this shift to minimalism can be traced to the increasing focus on creating a user-friendly website. A minimalist web design is proven to offer a better user experience as:

  • A minimalist website is easy to navigate. 
  • A minimalist website reduces the loading time. 
  • A minimalist design is more mobile-friendly as compared to its more complex counterparts. 
  • It helps the key information to stand out and therefore easy to find. 

So, to create for users a satisfactory experience, the minimalist design trend gained a lot of popularity in the web design world. 

  1.  Illustrated Graphics

In 2022 we saw more and more people exploring their creativity as they were restricted to the 4 walls of their room owing to the global pandemic. The influence of this was also seen on the web design front as now illustrated images or sketches began to be preferred over high-definition photographs. These custom-made illustrated graphics brought in the scope for more creativity and simultaneously charged the website with a sense of authenticity and gave them a personal touch. 

  1.  Unique Asymmetric Design

Earlier, a lot of thought was put into creating symmetrical web designs but in 2022 there was a significant shift. We designers started adopting asymmetrical layouts for the websites that allowed them to create a stark contrast between different elements of a page. Unlike the grid format which gave equal importance to each section, a more free-flowing design came in that allowed specific sections to be highlighted. Asymmetry doesn’t mean a lack of any structure, balance, or harmony but a unique graphical chart that comes in handy when distinguishing your website from your competitors. So, basically, an asymmetric design helps use the space optimally and allows more space for creativity. 

  1.  Chatbox for Better User Experience

Another step towards creating a user-friendly website was the incorporation of chatbots into a website’s design. While chatbox has been around for several years now, it became more prominently used in 2022. Simply because of its proven contribution towards providing a better user experience. Whenever we visit a website what we seek is an immediate resolution of our needs and queries and realizing the importance of this in converting visitors into customers, web designers have started to include chatbots in the basic designs of their websites. 

Benefits of Adding Chatbox to Your Website

  • Real-time assistance for all visitors. 
  • Offers a more personalized experience.
  • A cost-effective customer support option. 
  • Help increase the conversion rate.
  • Help create a sense of credibility among the customer base. 
  1.  User-controlled Content

No matter how beautifully a website is designed, it won’t serve its purpose of attracting customers if it is not user-friendly. Along with creating a more functional, accessible, and easy-to-use website, web developers in 2022 also focused on furthering the level of customer satisfaction by making space for user-controlled content. As web users, we all know how irritating videos are that auto-play and often made us want to leave a website in an instant. Understanding this, the websites paved the way for more user-controlled content, so, no more auto-plays. 

  1.  Design that allows a better shopping experience

We all love shopping online, simply because of how convenient it is. Statistically, in 2020 over 2 billion people shopped online and from then this number has been on the rise therefore all the e-commerce websites began to focus on providing a better online shopping experience. This included simplifying the payment process, simplifying the checkout process, adding brief but informative product descriptions, etc. This is how e-commerce websites stood out amongst a sea of competitors and created a more stable client base for themselves. 

So, these were the 6 web design trends that surfaced in 2022 and changed the entire design landscape. While we are sure that you must have adopted these trends in 2022, the new year will bring in new changes, and to keep up-to-date with all these trends, get in touch with our web design experts at Make My Website and they will ensure that all the coming trends are used in the favor of your business. 

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