EducationWays of Effective Learning: How to Master Skills Better and Think Faster

Ways of Effective Learning: How to Master Skills Better and Think Faster

Do you know how to learn faster? The most effective way to learn and absorb material is not by rote learning, repetition, and long lessons on the same topic. It turns out that information is remembered better if you don’t follow the classic school path. Here are five of the best ways to learn more effectively as suggested by the experts of the payforessaycheap service.

Variety is important

It is believed that the more you do something or repeat material, the better you learn it. However, new methods and technologies of rapid learning say otherwise. It turns out that changing approaches and alternating tasks is much more beneficial than practicing the same action.

For example, if you have several formulas to learn, repeat one after the other. That way you will learn all the formulas faster than if you have to learn one first and then the next. When practicing playing a musical instrument, play the entire piece rather than memorizing a few difficult bars for half an hour. And when practicing sports, alternate all the movements you need to master, rather than practicing the same thing over and over again.

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A change of scenery and external stimuli

A new environment will help a lot in learning unfamiliar material. Try changing the room, doing a little rearranging, adding new stimuli (like smell or music). In addition, you can keep some system: for example, study computer science in the kitchen, physics in the bedroom, and go to the coffee shop for the study of history.

What is it for? Any change in our surroundings creates new associative connections in our brains. Research on how to learn effectively states that external stimuli become inextricably linked to the information we receive. For many people, it tastes and smells that evoke vivid memories. Ever studied for a chemistry exam with a cup of coffee? Now you’ll remember catalysts and valence from the aroma of your favorite latte for a long time to come.

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Alternating work and rest

Shifts in school and college were introduced for a reason. Prolonged study without rest and activity changes will lead to a complete loss of concentration and productivity. Each person has his own appropriate working hours. If you are used to a study schedule, try alternating 40 minutes of study with 10-15 minute breaks. If you feel that by the thirtieth minute you are already distracted – you should take breaks more often, but shorter.

There is a very famous pomodoro method. It is an alternation of work and breaks:

  • 25 minutes of work;
  • 5 minutes break;
  • After 4 cycles of work and rest – a 20-30 minute break, and then you can go back to work.

Learning through retelling

There’s one more tip on how to memorize information quickly and permanently: try to teach it to another person. Not only retelling the material you’ve already read will help. It is very useful to explain complex material (even if you don’t quite understand it yourself) to another person who is completely unfamiliar with the subject. You will have to pick up simple words without scientific terms, and change complex explanations to simple “childish” analogies. After such a detailed breakdown of the information, you will not only begin to better understand all the subtleties, but you will remember everything you’ve been talking about.

You can tell anyone: friends who have just begun to learn the same subject, or parents who studied in another specialty and have already outdated knowledge. For example, programmers have the famous “duck” method. When an employee is faced with a difficult task, he must correctly formulate his question and ask it to the rubber duck standing on the table (or any other subject). It is believed that the correct formulation of such a query already contains half the answer. If you’re preparing for an exam and don’t understand a ticket, try telling it to the duckling. Thanks to the simplification of the material and competent wording, you’ll quickly be pleased with the result.

Concentration and single-tasking

But no learning tip-taking will work if you don’t have the main thing in mind: concentration. It’s hard to learn a new thing or skill if you’re constantly distracted. This, by the way, is a frequent problem in preparation for a session: as soon as you open your tickets, you want to wash the dishes, walk the dog, and vacuum the room. And switching between different tasks many times reduces the brain’s ability to remember incoming information.

So how do you combine this with the need for a change of scenery, alternating between similar tasks, and regular rest? Very simple:

  1. Choose the main task for today.
  2. Do not take on other difficult and responsible tasks.
  3. During your vacation time, change your occupation. It is a bad idea to take a break from studying theory by reading fiction. For example, you can stretch, exercise, and drink tea.
  4. Don’t change the environment in the middle of your work process.

Only constant learning will help you reach your full potential. But it’s important to set the right priorities that will help you achieve your goals. Don’t try to cover everything at once. But you shouldn’t relax by choosing a single direction either: only variety will allow your brain to develop indefinitely in the future.

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