TechVideo Intercom Versus Telephone Entry System

Video Intercom Versus Telephone Entry System

Some of us may want to stick to what is the most usual things because we are afraid of trying new things. It may be scary to get out of our comfort zone, but we will never learn and experience their functionalities if we do not try to open our minds. Telephone entry systems are traditional and old-made, while video intercoms are the rising technology these days.   What would you choose? A high-quality video intercom or a telephone entry system? Here are their description and the pros and cons listed. Try to compare and contrast; you might know the perks and disadvantages of owning these two. Weigh the two and do an action to your conclusion. Lastly, decide on where to put and invest your money. Do not forget to share your learnings with everyone to save them from future distresses and confusion. 

Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system is flexible enough to be placed on every establishment and building as long as there are accesses. Most of its installation requires wirings or cables, and some models and brands have the option of it being wireless.  

Advantages And Disadvantages of Telephone Entry System

One of its advantages is quick two-way communication between the receiver and the visitor or caller. Communication is the sole purpose of the telephone. On the other hand, some security issues have been surfacing. Some said telephone entry systems could be easily manipulated and hacked. Also, most of their structure is bulky, which is unflattering. If you are the kind of owner who wants aesthetic technology, it might not be your cup of tea. In addition, regular maintenance is a must; and the security company must do the work literally, which is a hassle and a waste of money.

High-Quality Video Intercoms

A video intercom is a smart technology that will guarantee your time and security. Most of the video intercom’s features are unique and more efficient; most of the features are not present in a traditional telephone entry system. One of the best brands recommended is Swiftlane. Swiftlane is an established brand that has excellent services. They offer a wide range of technologies with different variants. 

Advantages Of High- Quality Video Intercoms

1.) Heighten The Security Around The Residence

Since it can cater to vision, you can see what is happening outside your house, like a CCTV, but with a different placement and quality of the video. In cases the residents need evidence, you can rewind some of the footage and could submit it as proof. The bottom line, the video, and camera could serve as an awareness to all.

2.) You Can Connect It To Your Mobile Phones Through Applications

Like the brand, Swiftlane, they have developed an app for the owners to download and do remote access. This feature is helpful to people who are constantly not inside their house. You could permit your visitors and also delivery drivers. 

3.) Touchless Face Recognition

The device could perform touchless face recognition in instances where your hands are incapable of pushing buttons. All the owner needs to do is register their face. This feature is helpful because it will no longer require keys and useless buttons to tap. It is more convenient and efficient. 

4.) It is Aesthetically Designed

A modern-looking technology is the best addition you could count on to your house. There is no need to think if it suits the interior or not. Like the best brand Swiftlane, their technology has an aluminum enclosure, non-bulky screws, and vandal protection resistance. Overall, their technology is a grayish finish.

5.) Easy Installation and Maintenance

The maintenance is through software updates which the owners could efficiently perform; no need to call professionals. Their installation process is also easy, they are in the US, and people can acquire their services through the locals. So, it would not be hard for you to find some help. 

Disadvantages of High-Quality Video Intercom

So far, there are no issues presented except when the brand is not trusted. So always trust a safe brand and service that will never turn their back on their clients. Like Swiftlane, whose vision is to serve and always want what’s best for their clients. 

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