CBDVaping CBD – Guide from AskGrowers.com

Vaping CBD – Guide from AskGrowers.com

The cannabis market is growing as more people embrace the health benefits of CBD. One way of consuming CBD (cannabidiol), a hemp extract, is through vaping. The vape market share is massive and is estimated to surpass $180 billion by 2030.

It is a popular trend among young users who want to explore new flavors and have convenient, portable CBD products with them. CBD vaping is similar to smoking and entails inhaling CBD flavor using e-cigarettes or vape devices. 

CBD is a key ingredient in the cannabis plant derived from hemp. It contains minimal amounts of the THC compound and has analgesic properties. So, CBD is not as intoxicating as the marijuana variant with high THC levels. Thus, many cannabis users prefer vaping CBD for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Today, many cannabis companies design and develop sophisticated vape pens infused with different CBD oil flavors. Users can purchase disposable or refillable vape pens, depending on their cannabis needs. Hence, the vaping culture is now a growing community that advocates for the practice, making it more socially acceptable. But many people are still skeptical about its use. Is vaping CBD safe for cannabis users? 

This article offers an in-depth guide to vaping, its benefits and possible risks, and provides guidance on how to choose a good vape device. 

What is CBD Vaping? 

Vaping is a term that comes from vaporizing; it is a method of consuming CBD through inhalation. You use an electronic device that converts CBD oil into vapor, so it allows inhaling the CBD juice directly into your lungs. The vapor is absorbed into the bloodstream faster, and the effects kick in immediately. Vaping CBD is quite effective, which is why many users opt to use vape devices.

The CBD e-liquid or oil is also called vape juice. It contains hemp extracts, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerine (VG). These ingredients transform into vapor when heated in the vape device. To enhance the hemp taste, manufacturers usually add appealing flavors to the juice. 

Benefits of Vaping CBD

As mentioned above, many cannabis enthusiasts are embracing the convenience of vaping and its quick results. It is a commonly preferred method of taking CBD doses. Let us explore the benefits of vaping in more detail. 

High Absorption Rate

Unlike eating CBD edibles, vaping has high bioavailability. The vapor you inhale goes directly into your lungs, which gets absorbed into the bloodstream faster. It is not broken down into any form, and that is why users report immediate results within a few minutes. 

Saves Money 

Since vaping has quick results due to high absorption in the blood, you only need small amounts to get maximum results. Thus, vaping is more cost-effective compared to regular smoking or taking CBD edibles. So, you will save more money if you choose to purchase a disposable or refillable vape pen. 


Vaping works quickly and is a highly effective method of consuming CBD. If you eat CBD gummies, the body has to break them down in the gut first, which might take hours to feel the effects. But with a vape device, you can get immediate relief and uplifting effects after around 10 minutes. 

Easy Control 

One great benefit of vaping CBD vs. nicotine is that the user is in control. You can customize the vape device to release the amount of CBD you want. Each puff contains a specific CBD amount. So, you can customize your device to release your desired dose per puff. Besides, you don't damage your lungs with nicotine and avoid its addictive effect. 

As a newbie, you can monitor your consumption and effects daily. Over time, you will become confident and increase the dose to suit your CBD needs. 

CBD Vape: 5 Benefits of Vaping CBD - FAD Magazine



Vape devices are small and portable; users can carry vape pens on the go and smoke at their convenience. Vaping CBD is a discreet way of smoking since people will not know what it is. The flavors come in handy, as they conceal the hemp aroma and don't cause unwanted attention to your CBD use. So, you can easily take a puff when you are in the gym or at the office without anyone noticing that you are vaping CBD. 

Flavor Variety 

Vaping is an ideal way of exploring new CBD flavors in the market. Some users don't like the natural taste of hemp; that is why manufacturers blend different flavors into the vape liquid. Flavored vape juices will leave tasty aromas in the vapor, and you will not detect the hemp taste. You will enjoy your favorite flavor with each puff that your take. 

Drawbacks of Vaping CBD

Even with numerous benefits, vaping also has its downsides. Vaping CBD might seem neat and harmless, but risk factors are involved. So, it still arouses controversial debates in the healthcare industry. 

Studies reveal that long-term use might result in a risk of developing lung cancer. Users also report lung damage after a period of vaping. This could be because the vapor goes directly into the lungs and the bloodstream. 

Regardless of the strides in cannabis research, many still view vaping CBD as a huge threat to the healthcare industry. Below are the cautions released by the CDC – Centers for Disease Control regarding vaping:

  • Vitamin E acetate is a banned constituent in vape devices and e-cigarettes. Additionally, vendors must not include additives or fillers to vape products not intended by the manufacturer.
  • Vaping CBD or using e-cigarettes is not recommended for teenagers, young adults, and pregnant women. 
  • Adults who don't use tobacco products shouldn't use e-cigarettes or vape.
  • THC compound in cannabis is a major health risk factor, mostly for long-term consumers. Thus, people shouldn't vape THC products.
  • Regular cannabis users with severe impairment or distress should consult healthcare experts. 

Therefore, the CDC is against any type of vaping, whether CBD or nicotine. Research also shows that unscrupulous manufacturers often incorporate synthetic CBD liquids into vape devices. These fake products are dangerous to users and might cause severe side effects like seizures, vomiting, confusion, and dizziness. 

That said, you need to be keen on vaping CBD. Ensure you get advice from a medical expert on the right dose and how to practice safe consumption methods to protect your health and wellness. 

Choosing a Vape Product 

CBD for vaping contains different hemp-derived formulas. You need to familiarize yourself with the contents before buying any vape device. Here are the options. 

Full-Spectrum CBD

You can access vape products containing full-spectrum CBD. This formula comprises healthy constituents from the cannabis plant, such as cannabinoid compounds and natural terpenes. Besides, products with full-spectrum CBD have minimal THC content. So, users enjoy its wholesome health and wellness benefits. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD

The broad-spectrum CBD has similar effects to the full-spectrum product. It contains cannabinoid elements but with zero THC content. It is highly effective and gives users immediate relief and relaxation. Vapers who only want the health benefits of CBD without the cerebral high prefer this formula in their vape products. 

CBD Isolate 

This formula contains pure CBD without the presence of any cannabinoid compounds. If you are looking for purity, CBD isolate is the best option. Vaping CBD liquid containing this element will not trigger a high. 

Vaping CBD Effects 

Vaping CBD comes with tasty flavors, depending on the type of vape flavor you have chosen. Even though the vapor sensation might seem mild, the taste is quite strong. Some CBD e-liquids are smooth, and others give a raspy feeling in your throat. Within a few minutes of inhaling the vapor, you will start noticing a change in how you feel.

Many people vape CBD because of its therapeutic effects, which include pain relief, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and uplifting effects. Today, the medical sector uses CBD to manage chronic conditions like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and epilepsy. Patients with depression also use CBD to get relaxing effects. 

Amount of CBD to Vape

People react to CBD differently, and the dose might vary from one person to another. Fortunately, vaping devices are customizable, and you can adjust the CBD levels to suit your needs. You can start with small amounts when you begin vaping while recording the daily effects. Or you can take fewer puffs for a start and increase over time.

Beginners should consult with their doctor first before vaping. But if you want to start vaping immediately, you can start with around 10mg or 20mg CBD daily. 


Vaping CBD is a convenient and affordable way of consuming cannabis. If you are a beginner in vaping, it is imperative to purchase top-quality products to enjoy an optimal CBD experience. You need to pick a vape juice with the right flavor and consistency to enhance your overall experience.  

Furthermore, you must be careful not to fall for counterfeit products in the market with synthetic CBD compounds. These products are of poor quality and are sold at low prices. So, you might compromise your health and damage your liver by using such subpar products. 

Therefore, do your due diligence and stay updated about vaping products. Follow the healthcare sector's directives about vaping and avoid illegal products. 

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