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Types of Negligence in a Cholecystectomy Surgery and the Consequences

Cholecystectomy Surgery, also known as gallbladder removal surgery, is a procedure to remove the gallbladder from the patient. This surgery can be negligent if performed without due care and attention. It is essential to know how it progresses and its steps to understand what kind of negligence may occur in this type of surgery.

4 Types of Negligence in a Cholecystectomy Surgery and the Consequences

1. Inappropriate Surgical Technique

An inappropriate technique is a negligence that can occur in any surgery, but it is widespread in cholecystectomies. An inappropriate technique refers to the surgical procedure not being performed to the patient’s condition or anatomy. For example, if an incision is made in the wrong place during a cholecystectomy surgery or an organ other than the gallbladder is removed, this would be considered an inappropriate surgical technique. It can cause many complications for the patient because the surgery is not conducted by the anatomy and conditions of the patient. Improper surgical techniques can be considered negligence, mainly if they result in a worsened situation for the patient or even death.

2. Medical Misdiagnosis

Another type of negligence can occur during a cholecystectomy surgery if a physician makes a medical misdiagnosis. The importance of hiring a cholecystectomy surgery lawyer is to protect the patient from medical mistreatment and subsequent injuries resulting from the surgery. If you are considering cholecystectomy surgery, you must seek legal advice from an attorney with expertise in this area. The following are some mistakes that one can prevent by hiring a cholecystectomy surgery lawyer.

3. Confusion Between a Simple and a Complex Surgery

Many people today opt for cholecystectomy surgeries but do not realize that these surgeries can be very complex. Choosing a simple surgery to have one’s gallbladder removed when it is a complex surgery that requires attending doctors and extensive pre-operative preparation can be considered negligence. For example, suppose you choose to have an uncomplicated cholecystectomy surgery and end up needing more complicated treatments such as the removal of part of the bile duct. In that case, this will cause significant financial losses because you will need to undergo more rehabilitation treatment not only after the surgery but also after the procedure and during recovery.

4. Omission to Leaving a Valid Medical Consent

The omission to have valid medical consent before surgery also causes injury and harm to the patient. It can be considered negligence if the patient is not informed about the side effects of an operation or medication prescribed due to this procedure and considering that these side effects may cause them damage. For instance, if you undergo a cholecystectomy surgery without being informed that it can lead to lifelong problems such as diabetes and obesity, you will still suffer because your body’s organs are exposed to irreversible damage.

If you have experienced any of the injuries mentioned above and are having a hard time seeking compensation for your losses, it is essential to seek legal advice from an expert cholecystectomy surgery lawyer. Zayed law offices can help you get the justice that you deserve.

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