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Types of Crystal Gemstones & Their Benefits

Since ancient times, gemstones have become a crucial part of human life. In most cases, gems are used for spiritual practices. Well, there are some health benefits as well. There are so many reports about gemstones and their benefits.

The best part is, you can find many people are curious about them, especially about crystal gemstones. According to legends, crystal gemstones can help people with healing. On the other hand, some gems are safe as jewelry stones.

If you are curious about this topic, we are here to explore some amazing gemstones. Yes, after doing some research, we found the best types of crystal gems. Keep reading the article as we will also share the benefits of them.

Top Crystal Gemstones

You see, each crystal gemstone has unique characteristics. That’s why not all these mysterious stones are good for everyone. Before you choose to wear one, you have to explore their basics and benefits. In the following section, we will share some crucial info. Let’s find out:


1. Amethyst

A beautiful colored stone that is available everywhere. The purple color is the key attraction of this gemstone. Plus, it’s available in different shapes and can be worn for different jewelries. High-quality Amethyst can be found in various places including Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, and Siberia. Egyptians started using Amethyst as a gemstone at first. Later, it became popular in Greek culture as well.

Benefits: Amethyst is a soothing stone that has peaceful properties. That means this gem is good for someone who is suffering from anxiety additions, and several mood disorders. Plus, Amethyst is good for digestive health as well.


2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine has the color of an ocean making it one of the most beautiful gemstones. Naturally large in size, this crystal gem is also popular as a large-cut gem. This gemstone is popular for various reasons. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. There was a time when people used to wear Aquamarine as the symbol of happiness and youth. According to ancient Romans, this stone can protect people who go on voyages.

Benefits: According to legends, Aquamarine has a positive vibe that brings happiness into someone’s life. On the other hand, there’s a belief that this stone can reduce the fear of water. Aquamarine is also good for calming an overactive mind.


3. Garnet

Garnet is a stone that comes in various colors. However, most of the time, red garnet is available everywhere. Garnet is gorgeous and comes in a deep shade of red. However, the blue garnet stone is the rarest one as it was founded only in the 1990s era. 

Benefits: Wearing a garnet can help you increase your confidence. Plus, garnet is a good stone that can be used for healing health issues. As per popular belief, it gives protection from evil. On the other hand, garnet is good for improving blood circulation, immune function, the nervous system, and boosting energy.

diamonds on black background

4. Diamond

It’s not unknown that a diamond is one of the most attractive stones in the world. Diamond is the pure solid form of carbon. The best part is there are different types of shapes and colors available. Plus, diamonds can be worn by everyone. Most natural diamonds have an age between 1 billion to 3.5 billion years. 

Benefits: Because of its elegance and beauty, a diamond is a sign of good luck. Wearing diamonds can bring happiness, success, fame, wealth, and love into your life. Plus, diamond is good for boosting positivity and confidence.


5. Emerald

Emerald is a rare gemstone that comes with a shining green color. According to legends, this stone was used in ancient Egypt for mummies. However, it also became a popular gemstone among the Greek people. The green color is the key attraction of this gemstone. Plus, Emerald comes with blue and yellow hues alongside the green color.

Benefits: When you wear an emerald, it will bring success, creativity, wisdom, and harmony into your life. Plus, this shining stone is also good for improving health issues. The best part is Emerald can enhance the intellectual capacity of an individual. So, it will improve your skills.

6. Ruby

Ruby is popular as the king of gems as most royal people used to love this one during the ancient period. Plus, Ruby is the birthstone of July. The key attraction of this gemstone is the variety of colors. Ruby is available in the valleys of Tanzania and Myanmar. 

Benefits: According to legends, wearing a ruby can bring good luck and fortune. This gemstone is a symbol of love and passion. On the other hand, when you wear ruby, you will find yourself more focused, alert, and aware of the circumstances.

7. Peridot

Peridot is one of the rarest gemstones. This amazing gem is available in only one single color, lime green. This unique color makes the gemstone more beautiful. Even though only one color is available, you can get different shapes. Plus, Peridot is also affordable and available in various places.

Benefits: Peridot is ideal for healing. According to some sources, peridot is good for curing lung and intestinal tract related diseases. On the other hand, it’s also good for anxiety, anger, fear, and nervousness. Moreover, if you wear peridot jewelry, the stone will protect you from having nightmares.

8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli means blue stone. Hence, the name says everything. Lapis lazuli is one of the best crystal gemstones. Many people consider it a royal stone because it was a favorite among ancient royal families. 

Benefits: The best thing about lapis lazuli is it can protect you from envy and fear. On the other hand, wearing lapis lazuli can also keep you healthy. Lapis Lazuli is good for purifying blood and lowering blood pressure.


9. Rubellite

Rubellite is one of the most beautiful crystal gemstones. The best thing about this gem is it has a unique color combination of ruby red and pink. Plus, the gemstone shines in different situations such as sunlight. Many people have been using Rubellite as a healing gemstone for ages. In fact, we found some evidence of ancient ages too.

Benefits: Rubellite is a symbol of energy, passion, and perfection. When you wear this gemstone, it will bring emotional balance, calmness, and harmony to your life. Wearing Rubellite can improve your understanding of love and passion. Plus, this unique gemstone is good for promoting creativity.


10. Topaz

Without a doubt, Topaz is one of the most attractive gemstones on this list. Topaz is a popular gemstone that is available everywhere. Plus, there are different colors for topaz. Imperial topaz is one of the most expensive gemstones and can be used for jewelry. It is believed that the Greek people started using Topaz at first. Later, it became popular in various places. 

Benefits: According to ancient people, topaz is ideal for healing and protecting someone. Plus, many people say that it’s a magic stone that works well with healing people. Yellow Topaz is great for controlling anger and giving a peaceful mind.


11. Tanzanite

Tanzanite is the only gemstone that comes in blue and purple shades. The unique thing about this stone is it’s only available in Mount Kilimanjaro, making it a rare one. You can get tanzanite in different shapes. 

Benefits: Wearing tanzanite can help you with mental stability and calmness. On the other hand, this magic stone is good for protecting against negative energies. According to legends, Tanzanite has been a lucky stone since the ancient period.


12. Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the best gemstones on this list. Well, it’s the birthstone of December. However, Turquoise can be worn by selected zodiac signs. The best thing about turquoise is it’s transparent, clear, and available in different colors. The unique spider web design is another key point to notice. Turquoise is also one of the oldest stones that royal people used to wear.

Benefits: When you wear a blue turquoise, it will help you heal. On the other hand, this popular gemstone is ideal for bringing good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Turquoise is good for enhancing expression and emotion.


Q: Which gemstone is most powerful?

According to most experts, Diamond is the most powerful gemstone. Plus, there are so many benefits to wearing this popular crystal gemstone.

Q: What is the king of all gemstones?

As per popular belief, Ruby is the king of all gemstones. The attractive color was the reason why royal families used to wear this crystal stone.

Q: What stone gives you good luck?

There are so many crystal gemstones that bring good luck in your life such as amethyst, sapphire, garnet, and peridot. However, before you use one, don’t forget to ask an expert for a better understanding.


According to popular beliefs, wearing the proper gemstone can give a lot of benefits. On the other hand, you can wear some gems as jewelry stones as they are completely safe to use. In that case, contact an expert before making a decision.

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