SocialThe Perfect Guide: Tricks To Solve Comprehension Passage

The Perfect Guide: Tricks To Solve Comprehension Passage

In a competitive examination, the English language section is the most common exam section. In that, the reading comprehension based questions are mostly asked from candidates. Whether it is a banking exam, or other competitive exams, cracking reading comprehension questions is essential. However, it is a tricky job to score a cent percent in this section. It requires tremendous effort and each mark carries importance in the final scores.

Before that, we recommend all candidates to make a reading habit. It is because the reading comprehension passages contain a question on voices English grammar and other English language-based questions. So, those unaware of coping with such technical aspects of the respective section must read this post carefully. Below we mentioned a few essential tips that help in fetching good marks.

How to score more in reading comprehension

Try not to memorize

Usually, candidates prefer the rote learning method to tackle language studies. However, it is not unethical, but there are no possibilities of scoring more. It is because they memorize entire passages from sample question papers and expect the same in the real examination. Therefore, we recommend exam aspirants not memorize each and every element of the passage.

 Instead, focus on concepts and understand the basics. Learn new words every day and get well-versed with grammatical concepts. In the examination, read passages twice, first in reading time and next when solving time comes. Pay attention to each and every word of the passage. Remember that scoring more should be the priority.

Correct solutions lie within the passage

Mostly, exam candidates have the habit of making mistakes while solving Reading Comprehension questions. They think the correct answer is beyond the question paper, and queries are something out of the syllabus. But having good command over grammatical concepts is a must to attempt such questions. Remember that the correct solution lies within the passage.

So, instead of investing time to do something out of the box, try to read the passage once and attempt questions successfully. Also, reading comprehension is not like the odd man out where more thinking power is required. Even in board examinations, reading comprehension questions are available. Therefore, recall basic concepts which you learned in previous classes.

Emphasize on open and closing paragraphs

Although questions will be based on the passage, candidates can expect more from the first and last paragraph of reading comprehension. They will get questions based on synonyms, antonyms, figures of speech, and others: the last and first paragraphs account for the number of questions in the examination.

Thus, many candidates score more because they focus on basics, especially the first and last paragraphs. Moreover, their linguistic expertise helps them to fetch good marks. On the other hand, low scorers are mostly confused between the passage and tend to solve the incorrect solution. Therefore, several blogs and online posts inform candidates about focusing on question structures first. Understanding questions first is required to attempt questions successfully.

Practice as much you can

Finally, the ‘golden mantra’ of every examination and solving problems is practice. Regular practice is what students require. Refer to online tutorials, practice questions, or sample question papers to expand the learning horizon. Solving different complexity level questions will help candidates to understand the type of questions that will come in the exam.

Also, solving a different set of questions will prepare candidates for different competitive examinations too. It is because comprehension based questions are a common one that is asked in the different examinations. Therefore, academic experts suggest exam aspirants must revise and practice concepts daily so that they will get good knowledge and command over concepts. Remember that practice never goes in vain.

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