AutoTraffic Collision And Unsafe Drivers

Traffic Collision And Unsafe Drivers

Traffic collisions are some of the most unpredictable and life-threatening occurrences any driver might have to face as they take to the roads each day. Not only do these road mishaps happen in the blink of an eye, and they also cause immeasurable amounts of property damage and countless injuries to people. 

However, you can avoid a traffic collision by taking several steps, including following traffic signs, report unsafe driver in Missouri, and not drinking before you drive. But for every good driver who follows all, there is safe driving and a harmful and unsafe driver.

Individuals who get too reckless as they take on the wheel are some reasons why traffic collisions happen on most of the country’s busiest roads and highways. But it is not only about those speed demons who feel like they are playing a game as they drive. There are other factors in how one can be an unsafe driver who can cause a traffic collision.

What makes an unsafe driver: Things to Avoid

Now that you are aware of the burdening effect of getting involved in a traffic injury and mishaps, take a look at how not to be an unsafe driver. Here are common yet often ignored prohibitions by a driver. 


DUI or driving under the influence means an individual decides to drive while intoxicated or on a trip. Such an aspect leads to them not being fully in control of their actions as they hit the asphalt. Driving under the influence can also cause hallucinations and dizziness. It would be better to have the drinks and edibles after you exit your vehicle.

A study shows hundreds of traffic collisions that have occurred in the past couple of months are related to drunk and high driving. Each state has a case or two where alcohol and drug paraphernalia results in an unsafe driver wreaking havoc on the roads.

Distracted Driving

It does not matter how good road and traffic practice you take. Any person can become a victim of distracted driving. While other external factors are a part of the reason, it boils down to an individual as well. So how does distracted driving make one an unsafe driver?

First off, any person who gets behind the wheel can take their eyes off the road for a reason or two. Such factors include overly large and exaggerated banners and advertisements, misplaced road safety equipment, and even animals. Even casual actions, including having a phone call or turning the car radio volume can be forms of distracted driving. 

Imagine a driver casually listening to some tunes as they take a cruise towards the park. They think that the volume is a bit low, so they decide to take it up a notch. They take their focus on the car’s radio volume tuner and turn it to make it sound way louder and better. They do not realize that at that same moment, a pedestrian decided to cross the road. 

The driver has little to no time to react to the crossing individual. You know the rest. Once any driver takes their eyes off the road – even for a second, they can endanger the safety of their passengers and themselves. The same goes for any pedestrians they might encounter.


Like driving under the influence, speeding is one of the major causes of traffic collisions in the country. There are scenarios where drivers decide that the road they are on is nothing but a racetrack, so they gun the engines and floor the pedals. Of course, speeding makes any driver unsafe for themselves and others around them. But the thing with speeding is that not all drivers who make such a violation do so out of a whim.

Some drivers who are charged with speeding have more reasonable cause. One would be an emergency. Some reports have drivers speeding out as much as they can to bring someone to the hospital. The drivers even have little time to engage with any on-duty cops. That is why you notice a lot of car chases on the television that at first glance appear to be your ordinary case of a suspect trying to get away from the authorities. The thing is that some of these speeders are only trying to get to the nearest medical center.

Then some truly engage in speeding activities. You will find no shortage of individuals who like to get out there and burn some rubber. This aspect involves illegal car racing that happens during the night. While popular among teens and automobile enthusiasts, illegal racing has a fair number of potential risks. 

First off, they are illegal. That means there are no authorities and concerned agencies are out in the open on standby, ready to deal with an emergency. Plus, drivers will be charged once they are caught by authorities and police. They can either have their licenses suspended or even taken away.

DUI also has a role to play in speeding and unsafe drivers. Alcohol and drugs are never a neat combination, and they only bring a negative impact on a person’s mind and body. Any drunk or drugged individual might tend to step on the gas as they drive, careless of what or who is in front of them. Like other instances on this list, DUI and speeding hold several reports and complaints from victims and other individuals.

A lot of the factors involve human error and arrogance. But the thing is that external and natural factors result in someone becoming an unsafe driver. The same goes for any traffic collisions that happen on most roads.

The first notorious factor is the weather. Let’s face it: no matter how safe you drive, you will not have a say against the weather. Specific weather conditions, including rains, storms, and snow, play quite the role in traffic collisions and unsafe driving. 

These natural occurrences make the roads unpredictable and dangerous, especially during wintertime. Vehicles might have difficulties stopping or slowing down once the snow gets on their wheels and the road beneath. The same thing happens once a heavy downpour suddenly happens. 

Several roads become slippery, thus making it an obstacle for some drivers to get across without injuring themselves and the people around them.

A foggy environment is also another factor. Drivers going beyond the speed limit under low visibility might not react immediately once something – or someone – suddenly appears in front of their vehicle. That is why it is paramount for anyone to drive safely under these conditions.

So How Do You Avoid Becoming An Unsafe Driver?

It is not that difficult to avoid becoming an unsafe driver contributing to the tally of traffic collisions. There are steps you can take.

The first thing you can do is to avoid any drinking and taking in drugs or edibles before you hit the road. We cannot stress how crucial it is that you follow this step. Skipping it could mean life or death in some scenarios.

Drinking alcohol and drugs will never positively impact anyone, as these products possess compounds that make anyone lose their focus and concentration.

It would also go a long way for you to check on your vehicle before heading out. Make sure everything is working as it should, from the seatbelts to the brakes clinging onto your vehicle’s chassis.

You have to avoid any texting and calling as you drive. Phones provide enough distraction at home anytime, so you better do all your phone-related activities before getting behind the wheel.

Speaking of distraction, you must never take your eyes off the road, even for a second. If you need to turn on the volume or crank up the AC, you better slow down or bring your car to a quick break at a stop beforehand.

It is also a must that you check in with the weather forecast before driving. Most traffic collisions occur thanks to unruly and erratic weather patterns. If your errand or activity is not of high priority, you should skip it for now. Wait until the weather becomes better. Not only do you get to save on gas and other vehicular resources. You also make things way safer for yourself and other people.

There is also the option of taking a vehicle safety course. It is like a driving course that acts as a refresher for anyone who takes it. Taking one will sharpen your driving skills way more than before. Plus, you have the chance to learn several tips and tricks to becoming a better and safer driver. You might have to pay some money for such a course, but that amount means nothing if you can make the roads safer for you, your passengers, and the individuals you encounter as you drive.

One More Thing

It pays off a lot to be safe on the road. While many reasons – natural and otherwise – can lead to unsafe drivers and traffic collisions, that does not mean avoiding them is an impossible task. You can take several steps and actions that will result in safer driving and fewer accidents that lead to disaster and loss of life.

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