BusinessTop Skills Employers Look For in 2022

Top Skills Employers Look For in 2022

According to The Future of Jobs Report, presented at the World Economic Forum in 2020, the distribution of work between humans and robots is to experience significant change. According to estimations, more than 40% of the work will be done by robots in the next few years. Many organizations use pre-employment testing to assess candidate competencies and aptitudes, even in what are typically referred to as soft skills. Therefore, many start asking themselves a question: what skills do I need to have developed to prepare for what’s ahead?

The forum participants analyzed which skills are becoming less in demand, and which don’t lose their relevance. We’ve decided to collect the latter in our article. So, make sure you work on upgrading them to be a sought-after specialist. Then all you have to do is list the skills on your CV in the most appropriate way. Key points of this article and more you can find if you go here.

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Analytical and Innovative Thinking

Analytical thinking allows us to do plenty of things. These are identifying problems, breaking down blocks of information into smaller pieces, defining connections between individual facts, and making decisions based on all this data.

Having good analytical abilities is critical for success in fields such as technology, science, or finance. It is also necessary for any position that requires planning and searching for creative solutions.

Prominent managers and business leaders have been honing these skills for years. Keep working on how innovative you are in project management and be open to new ideas. This will certainly add to your competitive advantage in the labor market.

Willingness to Learn and Grow

In 2022, employees need to be ready to change the field if necessary and get new knowledge and skills. According to Dale’s pyramid of learning, we remember only 10% of the information that we read, and 75% is saved in our memory when we practice by doing. The latter is associated with active learning and practices such as:

  • Relating new information to the one you already know;
  • Searching for vivid life examples;
  • Reflecting and journaling;
  • Discussing topics that you study with others.


Companies that encourage creativity in their employees are more likely to outperform competitors in revenue growth. To succeed in today’s rapidly changing world, businesses need to offer innovative solutions. That’s why employers look for people who think outside the box, generate original ideas and are ready to throw away the rule book.

Creativity sets you apart from those who don’t want to think bigger. Unfortunately, many believe that this quality is something we are born with. Yet, creativity can surely be developed.

Communication Skills

Regardless of our position and experience, we deal with colleagues, managers, or clients on an everyday basis. Besides, the pandemic has forced many companies to switch to remote work (completely or partially), which has added new challenges to communication. Thus, the ability to understand others on a deeper level and express your thoughts clearly is more important than ever.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We live in a fast-moving world where anything can happen at any moment. Political and economic crises, the pandemic – all this has shown that companies are looking for employees who can work in a rapidly changing environment. Perhaps, stress resistance, concentration and the ability to cope with non-standard situations can be added to the same category.

Adequately coping with emerging difficulties requires not only creativity and critical thinking, but also a specific psychological attitude. A specialist who focuses on finding a solution instead of whining is truly valuable.

Time Management

Another key skill for success in any job is the ability to manage your time effectively. Will the company be able to work and meet clients’ needs if employees are out of schedule and miss deadlines?

So, recruiters are always looking for candidates who know how to set priorities correctly, plan their schedule and achieve results on time.


Emotional Intelligence

Perhaps emotional intelligence is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think about useful skills. But let’s admit it: we all interact with people (managers, team members, customers). Therefore, the ability to understand their feelings and see the situation from their point of view is critically important.

This trait also includes the ability to cope with one’s own emotions. As a result, we are more likely to find a common language with those around us and avoid conflicts. In turn, a healthy workplace atmosphere ensures high team productivity. And this is exactly what every employer wants to achieve.

To Wrap It Up

So how do you upgrade your skills? First of all, you need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Ask your colleagues, friends, or family members what they think about your personal traits.

Once you have a list of skills that need to be improved, think about people who have such qualities. Watch how they interact with others and behave in different situations.

Another way to become a better specialist is to take a course on platforms like Coursera, Udemy, or edX. There are tutorials on time management, creativity and more.

And last but not least – you need to practice a lot. No course can teach you, say, teamwork, if you don’t start putting what you’ve learned into practice.

Remember that the time you invest in improving your soft skills will definitely pay off in the future. Also, most of these qualities are applicable in a wide variety of fields, so they will come in handy even if you decide to change your area.

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