LawTop Factors That Affect Your Settlement for a Car Accident

Top Factors That Affect Your Settlement for a Car Accident

Have you recently been in an accident? Are you unsure of how to go about your insurance claim or filing a lawsuit?

You might think that you should receive a certain amount of compensation. The amount you get can depend on many variables, though.

We want to help you understand some of the top factors that affect your settlement for a car accident. This way, you can get help from an experienced personal injury attorney. You can find out how to get the most for your claim.

So what does factor into your settlement for a car accident? Keep reading to learn more.


In a car accident, liability means who's to blame for the crash. When it comes to determining your settlement, this factor is like the big cheese. If the other driver is clearly at fault, chances are you'll get a larger slice of the settlement pie.

Imagine you're sitting at a red light, minding your own business, when out of nowhere, a car smashes into you from behind. The liability is pretty cut and dry in this case – it's the other driver's fault. You didn't do anything wrong, so you have a strong case for a higher settlement.

But hold your horses; it's not always this clear. Sometimes, both drivers might share some blame.

Let's say you were going a tad too fast when someone ran a red light and collided with you. In such situations, liability can get a bit murky, and your settlement might not be as hefty.

The bottom line? The clearer it is that the other driver is at fault, the better your chances of getting a more substantial settlement.

Severity of Injuries

This factor is all about how badly you or your passengers were hurt in the accident. Here's the scoop: the worse the injuries, the bigger the settlement.

Let's break it down. Say you're in a fender-bender, and you walk away with nothing more than a tiny scratch. In this case, your injuries are minor, and your settlement might not be that hefty.

But if you end up with broken bones, whiplash, or serious injuries that require surgery and long-term treatment, your settlement is likely to be a lot larger.

Medical Expenses

Think about it like this: if you've been in an accident and had to visit the ER, get X-rays, undergo surgeries, and attend endless physical therapy sessions, your medical bills are going to add up faster than a racecar on the highway.

The insurance company will take these bills into account when calculating your settlement. They'll want to cover your medical expenses, so you don't have to fork over your hard-earned cash to pay those hefty bills. The more you've spent on medical treatment, the higher your settlement will likely be.

Property Damage

The amount of green you get here depends on the extent of the damage. If your ride looks like it's been through a monster truck rally, you're in for a bigger payday. But if it's just a little ding or a scratch, don't expect to be rolling in dough.

One thing to keep in mind is that the insurance company will assess the damage, and they might not see eye-to-eye with you on how much it will cost to fix your wheels. So, getting quotes from reputable repair shops to back up your case is a good idea. You'll need to prove your point if you want the most cash.

Lost Wages

This one's all about the dough you didn't make because you couldn't go to work after the accident. Maybe you're nursing a broken leg or just too rattled to function. Either way, if you ain't making money, it's gonna hit your wallet hard.

The insurance folks will want proof that you couldn't clock in during recovery. So, keep all those medical documents and doctor's notes safe. The more legit your excuse is, the more likely you are to get compensated for your lost time on the job.

Insurance Coverage

Your settlement will also depend on the insurance policies involved. If you and the other driver both have good insurance that covers your medical bills and property damage, you're in a better spot.

But, if the other drivers got lousy or no vehicle insurance at all, you might be in for a rocky ride. You could end up shelling out from your pocket, and that's never fun. But don't forget about your insurance policy.

If you've got underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, that could come to the rescue and help fill in the gaps left by the other driver's lackluster policy.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions refer to any health issues or injuries you had before the car accident. This factor can complicate your settlement process.

If you have a back problem or a previous car accident injury that's worsened by the accident, insurance companies might try to attribute your current health issues to your pre-existing conditions. This could result in a smaller settlement.

Legal Representation

Perhaps one of the most crucial factors in your car accident settlement is legal representation. In straightforward terms, having an attorney by your side can impact the outcome of your case.

When you're dealing with a car accident settlement, you might not know all the rules and tricks insurance companies use. But an attorney does. They can stand up for your rights and make sure you're not getting shortchanged.

Plus, in a place like St. Louis, MO, where laws can get tricky, having legal representation is a smart move.

Keep in Mind These Factors That Impact Your Settlement for a Car Accident

In conclusion, understanding the top factors that can affect your settlement for a car accident is crucial in obtaining fair compensation. By considering the severity of damages, liability, and evidence, you can make a better case for your claim. Remember to seek legal advice and negotiate for the best possible outcome.

Don't hesitate to take action and fight for your rights.

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