TravelTop Cabin Vacations in the USA to Escape the Urban Chaos

Top Cabin Vacations in the USA to Escape the Urban Chaos

One of the best ways to reconnect with nature closely is to spend your vacation in a secluded place far from the hustles of city life. You can always pitch in your tent while opting for an off-grid getaway amidst nature, surrounded by lush wilderness. However, if you are not a camping person and don’t like the idea of getting drenched by heavy rainstorms or bitten by bugs and yet wish to spend some moment in a serene and verdant place. You will be glad to know that several such destinations offer cozy cabin vacations for rent.

When you choose to stay in a cabin, you reconnect with nature without sacrificing home comfort. Whether you are looking for a contemporary cabin set on a snowy mountain slope or by the river, an A-Framed cabin in America’s thick forests or the vast green expanses of the USA, cabin vacations have become the new trend among the tourists.

Nearly half of these cabins cost less than $200. So go ahead and pack your bag for the weekend getaway and disassociate yourself from the concrete world.

Cabin Getaway in Fairbanks, Alaska

You are probably visiting Fairbanks to witness the Earth’s most extra celestial view- the aurora borealis, gleaming in the midnight sky. Since tourists visit Fairbanks to take in the spellbinding views, several cabins have come up to make your trip worthy. These cabins offer cozy and warm accommodation and let you experience nature closely. These cabins bask amidst the towering trees and snow-clad mountains and provide an abundance of privacy in a rustic style.

Rent an A-Frame Cabin in Lake Tahoe, California

A-frame cabins are trending, and we are big fans of them. Imagine yourself sitting on the couch with your bae in front of a fireplace, and it's snowing outside. Perfectly romantic, right! The A-Frame cabins in Lake Tahoe offer an incredible escape. These cabins reflect old-school charm with modern infrastructure and amenities.

Most of these cabins are located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, the largest Alpine lake in North America. They offer exciting outdoor activities, like cycling, hiking, water sports, and winter adventures. If you are looking for an escape to one of these cabins, then get cheap flights to California and immerse yourself in the wilderness.

Take in the Mountain View in Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia

What could be more enticing than taking in the view of the dramatic vistas found on the rugged terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains? It offers the best of everything for a cabin vacation. Whether you want to hike the well-carved trails or wish to spend quality time reconnecting with nature and admiring its wonders, it is a great place to be in. From wilderness retreats to riverside cabins and romantic cabins, the area is brimming with some best accommodations. These cabins make you feel at home and let you experience the wilderness closely.

Visit the Resort Town Whitefish, Montana

With jagged peaks, emerald lakes, and glacier-carved valleys, Whitefish, a small resort town near the US-Canada border, is undoubtedly for those seeking peace in nature. Its proximity to Glacier National Park has made this small town of Montana a popular tourist destination. Like many Alpine areas, this resort town has seen a rise in cabins due to the demand. The rental cottages or getaway houses have open space, large floors, glass walls, and sun-kissed porch to make the stay more opulent.

An Escape to the Contemporary Cabins of Mountain Town Idyllwild, California

Contemporary cabins are humble and minimalist, and when surrounded by lush verdant forests and mountains, the staycation gets even more thrilling. If you want to be somewhere close to the town and yet wish to feel secluded, rent one of the contemporary cabins available in this small town. Just a few hours' drive from LA, Idyllwild is indeed a paradise for those seeking solitary. The cabins may appear conventional, but the asymmetrical roof with slate shingles gives you the authentic vibe of living secluded and far from the chaos.

Spend the Weekend in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho

The cabin staycation is clearly meant to afford solitude, and when it comes to spending an adventurous weekend in the Rocky Mountains, one must consider renting a cabin that is oriented towards the surrounding landscapes. Idaho’s mountain region is considered the nation’s best cabin vacation spot and hence has some comfy and warm cabins. You can also purchase the whole package while renting the cabin. The packages include outdoor adventures and expeditions to the nearest peaks. Visit during winter to admire the snowy surroundings.

The Tree Cabins of Saratoga Springs in New York

How about a weekend amidst the serenity of nature, without wifi? The only noise you hear is the rustling leaves or perhaps the hooting owl and the mild raindrops on the roof. Well, that's precisely the experience you will get when renting a treehouse cabin in Saratoga Springs in New York. Apart from the bedroom and porch, the guests can have access to the shared area and a common kitchen, where they can organize a small barbecue party. The surrounding areas are packed with hiking trails, waterholes, and more outdoor adventures.  If you want to spend some quality time here, book a cheap flight to NC now, and explore the verdant vistas of Saratoga.


After the pandemic hit the world and pushed people to maintain a safe distance, the best family cabin vacations have become a popular and secure means of vacation. Who wouldn’t like to spend a night or two in a secluded place with a close view of dramatic vistas? In the USA, cabins are a getaway to reconnect with nature.

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