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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Getting Full Mouth Dental Implants

Sometimes, no fancy chair, cozy ambiance, or soft music in the world can keep you from feeling nervous before a dental procedure like getting full mouth dental implants. The fear that you experience is a common element in dental anxiety.

Many people fear going to the dentist for simple procedures like extraction or dental bonding. Up to 15% of Americans are afraid of going to the dentist. It gets worse when you talk about dental implants.

Have you heard people talking about getting titanium posts inserted into their jaws? You probably imagine them having unthinkable levels of pain and torture. In reality, dental implants are commonplace and painless procedures. 

Most of the time, the fear that some people have with this dental procedure comes from their imaginations. This article will touch on this rather sensitive subject. Read on and discover why dental implants are not something you should fear.

1. Dental implants do not hurt.

Before you get an implant, the dentist will ensure you are comfortable. Many patients have undergone this procedure. They reported not experiencing pain, thanks to the trustworthy anesthesia.  

The surgery will not hurt since the dentist will perform either general or local anesthesia, which will numb your mouth. When the numbness wears off, you may feel mild pain or discomfort. It usually goes away in less than two weeks.

Patients who underwent the dental procedure reported experiencing less pain than with tooth extraction. If you are anxious about the pain after the surgery, you can ask for prescription pain medications.

2. You can finish getting dental implants in one day.

Depending on where you get your dental services, there are now options to get permanent teeth in 24 hours. Through digital technology, your dentist can plan your surgery ahead of time. Once you have undergone teeth extraction, your dentist will give you a schedule for getting your implants. 

On the scheduled day, you will have your dental implants and complete the procedure on that same day. In short, you get a permanent set of teeth in just 24 hours.

3. Dental implants will last for years.

Compared with getting dentures, having dental implants is a wiser choice. Some people think it is an expensive procedure that is bound to fail. 

A study showed that dental implants had a success rate of 90-95%. With proper care and maintenance, your dental implants can last for up to 30 years. Of all the teeth replacement options, implants have the most longevity.

The reason they last a long time is due to their design. A dental implant consists of an artificial tooth and a root system. The implant root is made of titanium, which fuses with the bone through osseointegration. Once the bone and the titanium merge, it will last many years.

Final Thoughts

Overcoming your dental anxiety is crucial in saving your teeth. To address this, consult with a dentist you trust. Inquire from family and friends if they know of trustworthy dentists.

Ask the dentist everything you want to understand about the dental implant process. Work out a way that makes you feel most comfortable. Doing these should help alleviate your dental anxiety. More importantly, it will help avoid deteriorated oral health over time.  

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