BusinessTips to Choose a Mexico Shelter Service Provider

Tips to Choose a Mexico Shelter Service Provider

Apart from the general benefits of utilizing shelter services Mexico, there are specific advantages to selecting one provider over another. The selection of services will heavily depend on the company’s requirements, so it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the operation’s unique needs while choosing a provider.

Recognizing the types of shelter services companies available in Mexico

As per the preferred direct oversight level for desired function, you have six kinds of shelter services Mexico:

  • Manufacturing Communities, located in specialized industrial parks, offer comprehensive shelter services. By establishing a factory in a Manufacturing Community, businesses can benefit from enhanced customer support, economies of scale, and access to convenient amenities, including medical centers and recreational facilities. Opting for a Manufacturing Community is the swiftest and safest approach to manufacturing in Mexico.
  • Full shelter services providers do not own real estate but offer a comprehensive range of services. They often collaborate with local agencies to provide support for various needs. Unlike Manufacturing Communities, these providers offer everything except real estate and work with local landlords to fulfill this requirement.
  • Startup shelter companies specialize in providing services during the start-up phase only, for a predetermined period. Their primary focus is to assist in getting the manufacturing operation up and running smoothly. Once this period ends, the start-up company withdraws, and the manufacturer assumes all costs, risks, and responsibilities associated with the ongoing operation. 
  • Contract manufacturers provide specialized services and may offer value-added benefits. These providers offer project-specific contracts and assign dedicated workers to carry out the required tasks. Additionally, they may provide other specialized services as per the project’s needs.
  • Real estate companies may offer value-added services, but their focus primarily lies in the rental and sale of industrial real estate in Mexico. Although their services share similarities with full-service providers, real estate companies may not prioritize investments in administrative infrastructure to the same extent. As a consequence, their service offerings may be less comprehensive.
  • Some shelter service providers offer a “cafeteria-style” approach, where manufacturers can choose from a selection of specific or niche services. This can be advantageous for companies with particular service requirements that are not provided by other providers.

Benefits of shelter services Mexico

Easy starting: Partnering with a shelter services provider can help eliminate several common start-up challenges. For instance, the provider may already possess an IMMEX and IVA certification, which saves time and resources required for acquiring them. The shelter model enables the foreign company to enter Mexico as a division of the shelter company, leading to a faster permit acquisition process and reduced cash-flow implications compared to starting from scratch.

Reduced expenses: The shelter model is highly regarded by the Mexican government for promoting foreign investment and receives various tax incentives. The model benefits from economies of scale as shelter companies offer the same services to multiple manufacturers, resulting in a reduced cost of service that is passed on to clients.

Quick access to expertise: Once a manufacturer enters into a contract with a shelter company in Mexico, they gain immediate access to a team of experienced professionals, who possess accurate local data, knowledge, and extensive relationships. This makes the process turnkey for the manufacturer.

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