CasinoTips on How to Get Faster at Logic Games

Tips on How to Get Faster at Logic Games

Logic Game Speed

Commonly, most people taking the LSAT exam find that the analytical reasoning section, otherwise known as ‘logic games,’ can become their favorite section of the paper. It can easily be your least favorite part if you are starting out. Why is that? It varies from person to person, but usually, it is because most people are used to the format of standardized testing. 

With these kinds of questions, you have to think about a couple of different things. For example: getting accustomed to the rules of each game, understanding the different types, and making sure you have perfected the techniques can take some time. Not only are you focusing on these key components, but you also want to factor in speed. The quicker you can get through these, the easier it will become. This level of speed can benefit you in the future, whether that is for making quick decisions at the casino, workplace, or any fast-paced environment. It all matters!

So, do you want to know how to get faster at logic games? Read on for these tips and tricks that should benefit you in the long run! 

How To Work Faster

1.      Reduce the Time Spent Thinking

It sounds simple, but it is effective! The trick to getting faster at logic games is to reduce your thinking time. When reading ‘thinking time,’ it means the time one might spend thinking about what they should do next. For example, the time it may take you to understand the question. The more you practice with logic games, the more you will know what is expected of you each time. What is good to know is that the general structure and framework of a question don’t change that much in each section. Typical games are grouping or sequencing, so you can quickly become familiar with how they work. Instead, it would be best to spend your time understanding the games and their individual rules, and once those are down, the application of them.

2.      Be Familiar with Game Types

In order to be quicker at logic games, it is essential to be familiar with logic game types. When you are reading the setup for the game, make sure to understand what they are asking. For example, it could be group fixing, a hybrid, or simple sequencing. The more you practice, the more familiar you will be with each game time. In turn, this will save you so much more time in deciding what gameboard you have to use.

3.      Examine Your Gameboard

Once you are familiar with your game types, the next step that will help you succeed quicker is to take time to examine the game and the master gameboard that goes with it. For example, if you have set up a master gameboard for the following sequence:

Pieces: A, C, X, Y, Z

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Make sure that X always has one day before Z. Y must always go on a Tuesday.

Before moving on to the questions, make sure to have thought through what each piece implies. There aren’t too many possibilities in the example above, meaning it’s easier to figure and map out how to answer the questions. If you have all of the possible scenarios figured out before starting the game, you will be in a position to finish the questions quickly. Taking the time to do all of this before beginning the questions will save so much more time in the long run.


4.      Make Sure to Use Hypothetical Diagramming

When studying logic games, you need to try and imagine every hypothetical situation. For example, if a question asks, ‘What is true if Z goes on Friday?’ This automatically means that you are dealing with a simple sequencing gaming style. For this reason, you cannot learn all possibilities, but it is still important to be prepared. This way, you won’t have to redraft and draw a whole new ‘week’ for each situation. For example,






All in all, the better and quicker you are at anticipating the diagram needs, the faster you will become at logic games without wasting time.


5.      Practice Makes Perfect

The age-old phrase still has so much truth. It will take some practice if you want to be faster and quicker at something! The faster your time is, the higher your LSAT score will be. Keep practicing games until you get 100% accuracy and a good speed, as it will all be worth it in the long run. With these tips, you are on your way to speeding up the process of logic games.

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