SEOTips for Getting Your Audience to Stay on Your Website Longer

Tips for Getting Your Audience to Stay on Your Website Longer

The vast majority of today’s brands have websites, and that’s for a reason. The primary purpose of such web pages is to drive traffic and increase sales. But with perks come obstacles. The issue with websites is that although doable to create, it’s challenging to make them appealing to customers, let alone make the latter spend more time browsing a website.

Boosting the awareness of your page is one thing. You can enhance your market position by using an awareness poster template and modifying it to fully represent your brand and allow people to resonate with your company’s values and philosophy. But making visitors stay on the web page for a longer time is a different task that requires a complex and thoughtful approach. We’ve put together the most practical tips to help you make your website attention-grabbing and impossible to abandon. 


Disseminate Call to Action buttons

It is not uncommon for brand owners and marketing to include various CTA buttons. Call to Action buttons proved efficient a long time ago. They serve as a building block of every successful marketing campaign. However, the problem is that people often take CTA buttons for granted. They don’t give much thought to where CTA would fit the best. As a result, they put them in the least effective spots and wonder when visitors don’t click on them.

To avoid that and make sure people stay longer on your website, analyze the structure of your page. Where do you think people pay the closest attention to once they visit your site? Also, remember not to go overboard with this feature, as an abundance of CTA buttons will lead to the opposite results.

Compose catchy but clear headlines

There is no place for clickbait and similar traps that many people use. Although it might work at first, the consequences of such a surprise will do you no good in the long term. Hence the second tip: avoid dubious headlines and make them transparent and clear. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with something tempting and exciting. You absolutely can and are allowed to do so! But upon designing an unorthodox headline, keep in mind that it must correspond with the article’s content. By the way, concerning the content…


Generate truthfully valuable and readable content

It is imperative that you produce valuable and thought-provoking content, whatever your website topic is. People need to know that they have learned something from visiting your site. It will make them return to your source again and again, which, in turn, will increase customer retention rate (the latter is vitally important!). 

Undoubtedly, generating high-quality content is easier said than done. It requires plenty of time to analyze the audience, research the topic and find authoritative sources, and, above all, structure the piece. But no matter how much time you spend on it, it will make your audience consume one article after another, staying on your site for a long time. 

Invest in building a high-quality website

Building a web page is a matter of minutes. Anyone with no prior knowledge in website design can develop something from scratch using readily available tools. But the quality of such web pages is doubtful, to say the least. 

Yes, hiring competent people to create an appealing website is a typical solution. But what if you don’t have enough resources to do that? The answer is simple as well: don’t! You can create and maintain the site yourself should you be on a tight budget. Importantly, though, make sure your site looks professional and informative. Get rid of redundant elements that spoil the page’s look and slow down the loading time. 


Besides, consider adding engaging media, like images, animations, photos, or videos. They should draw the readers’ attention, not push them away. And finally, make your site mobile-friendly. No page will make the audience stay longer if people can’t switch to their smartphones and continue reading content. 

As you can see, getting visitors to stay on your page longer is a challenging but highly manageable undertaking. Hopefully, using this set of tips will allow you to elevate your site to a new level, increasing the page’s readability, visibility, and usability.

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