BlogTips for Creating Pro-Level Video Content

Tips for Creating Pro-Level Video Content

Let’s face it, we are living in a digital world and as far as marketing goes, video content rules! You might be a small business owner or a YouTuber that wants pro-looking video, whatever your arena, here are a few pro tips to create quality video content. 

  1. Storyboard your content – This is how the professionals start a project, which gives you a timeline for the content. This enables you to plan each stage of the production, plus you can sell a concept much better with a storyboard; thumbnails of clips are the best way to storyboard a video, with some text with each clip to explain the content. Once you’re ready to shoot, book a topstudio for production in Thailand and make your preparations. They have large green rooms for shooting video and everything else you need to create stunning content.
  2. Use top-rated editing software – Many prefer Adobe Premiere, while Final Cut is another good video editing program; if you are not outsourcing the editing, you should have a good grasp of putting a project together – the time it takes to become proficient is one reason why people outsource the editing. Explore the many features and practice on unimportant footage, using different transitions and filters for effect. It might be best to leave the editing to the pro guys at the studio, who can give you the finished product in any format you want.
  3. Check the hosting platform – Make sure that you are fully aware of the platform’s formats and rules, the last thing you need is to create content that in some way doesn’t comply with the host’s policies. This is especially important if you are posting on YouTube, read their policy data to be on the safe side. Click here for how to get more Instagram likes.
  4. Lighting – It is critical that you get the lighting right when shooting video; if you are booking a studio, the lighting will be set up accordingly, which is a good reason to leave it to the pros. If you are shooting at home, bounce light off a white ceiling, which is one way of achieving a good level of overall lighting. There are general rules when lighting a subject; 3 different light sources positioned in such a way that no light sources are visible to the camera.
  5. Quality audio – The sound track is every bit as important as the visual and investing in quality audio gear is not something you’ll ever regret. If you are filming with a smartphone, use an external mic and keep the device near the subject; if filming on location, factor in any background noise, such as a/c or traffic and always test if in doubt. With DSLR cameras, you can plug in an external mic for clear sound and read the reviews before buying mics.

It takes a degree of planning to put together a video project and with a concept, storyboard, good studio and a budget, your next video project will wow the audience. 

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