TravelThrillophilia Jaisalmer Tour Review

Thrillophilia Jaisalmer Tour Review

It is a popular opinion that adventure sports, treks, and expeditions are the only categories of travel that are considered to be thrilling. But, as time passes and the vision broadens, one realises that the real thrill lies in gaining new experiences. Be it exploring unknown terrains, or even going out of your comfort zone to survive at a place, even for a few days. 

As a usual leisure traveller, I have always liked to be in my comfort zone, spend time sipping on coffee and relaxing. It was last month when I experienced the feeling of pushing my horizons to accommodate other cultural experiences and survive with the bare minimum. I had come across this tour package in one of the reviews of Thrillophilia where this traveller mentioned her trip experience with Thrillophilia in Jaisalmer. Although a bit doubtful in the beginning, I felt inspired and eventually booked the tour. I left on a trip to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, knowing about its arid climate and rich cultural heritage which was so different from my own. Generally, I would have booked a luxury tour or comfort stays, but this time I chose to go for an overnight camping trip in the middle of the desert. It was one eye-opening experience for me and a much-needed one.

It was my first time visiting a desert with zero idea about what to expect. My tour manager was kind enough to cater to all my questions and pangs of hesitation even till the last day before the trip. On reaching there, I was escorted by a car to reach Kanoi, and from there I was taken to the camp. The management of the place greeted me with a cup of freshly made tea. The first part of the journey was to go on a Camel Safari and to be honest, I was scared out of my wits to ride the camel back. I almost fell off the camel’s back while crossing the large dunes of sand, thankfully there was a helpful and reliable guide for support. We came across a natural oasis, the only source of water for this entire region. We, the people from cities do not acknowledge or feel the scarcity of water, but there I learnt about how precious every drop of water is. 

Discovering the real beauty of the desert from the bank of this oasis, I witnessed a magical sunset. The entire sky turned brick red, the sand glowed orange, and there I was delighted by the picture-perfect scenery. I felt inspired and so driven to explore the land and its culture that once I got back to the camp to the lively music and folk dance, I joined them with ease. Learning their songs, and dance moves, and marvelling at the colourful patchwork skirts and ‘Ohrnis’, I discovered a new side to myself. It was a short trip, but it was one of the best ones to date.

Although I faced a major delay while reaching the airport due to the mismanagement of vehicles, Thrillophilia’s representatives arranged for an alternative option. It was not what I expected, but I did not complain. All I could think of on my way back home was the smiling faces and the hospitable nature of the locals who made my trip an absolute delight. I even purchased stunning clothes and handicrafts from the local markets as souvenirs and gifts. Discovering Thrillophilia reviews prior to booking this trip not only inspired and emboldened me, but also provided me with the assurance that this adventure would be unforgettable. I have returned from my journey fundamentally changed, carrying with me a profound commitment to exploring the rich tapestry of cultures, histories, and landscapes this country has to offer. Jaisalmer, in particular, will forever hold a cherished place in my heart.

This experience has affirmed the legitimacy of Thrillophilia as the go-to platform for booking remarkable adventures.

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