TechThis Is What Next-Level Online Coding Classes Have in Common

This Is What Next-Level Online Coding Classes Have in Common

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Parents everywhere understand that we’re living in a digital world of advanced technology, and they want their kids prepared for the future. Even parents who don’t know how to code understand the importance of ensuring their kids can.

The trouble is, how can they identify the best online coding classes from the rest of the pack? Here are a few signs that the online coding course you’re considering signing your child up for is truly elite.

Small Classrooms

Industry leaders like Real Programming 4 Kids cap class sizes at four, so there are, at most, your child and three other students. Such a calm, orderly environment helps kids learn because the teachers don’t need to deal with classroom management issues that can arise in busier classes.

Plus, the instructors and teachers will know each other better. Making kids comfortable is essential to helping them learn. Kids can’t learn a complex subject like computer coding from a teacher teaching so many students they can’t remember all their names.

In-Demand Coding Languages

Not all coding languages are equally powerful or popular. Sometimes, coding courses teach drag-and-drop programs that give young students a sense of what coding is like, such as Scratch. Maybe they teach real coding languages, but not those that are most in demand.

Look for an online coding course that teaches kids how to write code in languages like:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++ 

The program should be tailored to students of all skill and experience levels. New coders can begin at the start, making basic programs with a simple language, before advancing to the next stage. 

Kids learn a wealth of indirect skills by learning any coding language, such as problem-solving, lateral thinking, and other positive mental habits. Still, nothing replaces the specific knowledge of how to write code in a particular popular language.

That’s what employers look for, and kids may encounter these languages later in school, too.

Video Games Are Everything

Parents are right to want their children ready for the jobs of the future. But today, they need fun extra curriculars kids have always enjoyed. Thankfully, the best coding courses centre their teaching around what many kids truly love: video games!

The best coding courses frame their coding lessons around how to create a video game, one that students can really play with friends and family. Parents won’t have to push their children to practice coding between classes when the homework is this fun.

Some programs go beyond, using gamification to make class work more exciting and engaging. Basically, they use the same features that make video games so engaging to instead help kids learn. Any parent who has ever had to pry their child away from a video game can imagine the benefits of them being that eager to learn.

Every online coding course promises to give kids a fundamental knowledge of coding and STEM skills. So long as the weekly coding course you’re picking ticks off all the above boxes, you can be confident that it will.

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